Top Features You’ll Get with Custom Gaming PCs in 2021

Top Features You’ll Get with Custom Gaming PCs in 2021

When shopping for a new gaming PC, you’d want a system that offers compatibility with your requirements. That’s where custom gaming desktops come into the picture. You can build your PC from scratch and ensure it fulfills all your preferences, from power to processor and motherboard. It also leaves more room for upgrades and high-end components.

A custom gaming PC is a piece of art itself, and surely when buying a top-of-the-line rig, money is not the first consideration.

Following are the top features to look for in custom PCs:


The process of getting a customized desktop includes selecting the best components out of the masses. The entire performance of your computer is solely dependent on the parts you choose. A fast CPU is the backbone of a reliable gaming PC, and the performance depends on its compatibility with the other parts.

Individual Warranty for Each Component

Nowadays, many prebuilt PCs only come with a warranty if you don’t open the case.

On the other hand, when getting a custom gaming PC, each CPU and mechanical keyboard component comes with an individual warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, you may also receive different warranty levels.

Larger RAM

Unlike primary storage devices, RAM resets when power is lost, which is why you need larger storage drives for long-term data storage. It also ensures smoother performance, but you need not go overboard when selecting the memory options.

Most gaming systems can get by with 16GB or 32GB, even if you want to keep your PC for several years. Higher RAM will not increase the system’s performance. Instead, it lets you run several applications simultaneously.

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Exceptional Cooling

Prebuilt PCs have a lot of cooling issues which can be a huge demerit for any gamer. On the other hand, a custom gaming PC can be loaded with different components, ventilation passages, fans, and other cooling systems.

You can choose a case with cable management options and fan mounting slots. Cases for two or three fans should be available even for mid-range designs. Adding fans and liquid cooling radiators to a high-end system expands your possibilities. High airflow permits your components to last longer, saving you time and money.

Custom Designs

If you want something that will never look like a premade gaming PC, a custom desktop might be the match for you. It comes with options to choose fantastic custom chassis, stickers, fans, lights, and even a laser engraved case or custom UV printed flairs. Add more aesthetics to your gaming rig with the right design options.

Higher Quality Parts

Not every fancy logo necessarily means high-quality parts. Often many reputed brands launch setups ensuring high efficiency, but on testing, they don’t deliver the expected results.

When getting a custom desktop for gaming, you can also choose the various components of your setup, leaving no doubt regarding their quality.

No Bloatware

If you invest in retail, prebuilt computers, you may likely have bloatware. It isn’t harmful to your system but can slow processes by taking up needless disc space.

The manufacturer installs useless software that you never use or require on your computer. Customizing your rig ensures a lack of these unnecessary files like free antivirus (which is not even free), add-ons, and other third-party software.

Pick Your Operating System

The operating system on a computer purchased from a retailer is usually locked in. You can change the OS, but it will terminate your warranty. And just because a corporation releases a new operating system doesn’t guarantee it’s the best. These new systems frequently contain bugs and other issues. In other words, they don’t seem to be highly reliable for gamers.

But, that’s not the case if you build your PC with a leading provider. In your customized system, you are not required to use the new Windows 10 or any upgrades. Instead, you can install any operating system you like. You won’t be compelled to upgrade unless you want to, and you can go back and forth on different updated versions.

Future-proof Your Gaming Needs

When you get a top-of-the-line custom gaming PC, each component is replaceable or can be easily upgraded. Easy upgrading can make it easier to match any future requirements to keep your PC at the top performance levels.

Final Thought

Getting a desirable gaming system in 2021 can be quite a hassle. Because of the recent technological advancements in the gaming industry, there are just too many options, variations, combinations, and customizations.

But, the sweet loot comes after the bitter farming. Hence a custom PC will blow your mind with its high-end features and user-friendly features.