Top 6 PDF Compressors Online – Best ways To Reduce PDF Size

Top 6 PDF Compressors Online – Best ways To Reduce PDF Size

If you are facing trouble with the size of a PDF file or image, then the best way to reduce its size is by using online PDF compressor tools. Compressing PDF files is quite easy and is a straightforward task if you have the right tool in your pocket. There are many PDF compressor tools offered by many websites and applications, but not all of them are reliable. People usually refrain from using online pdf compressor tools as they can easily damage the quality of the file in the compression process. In this blog, we would be telling you about the best online pdf compressor tools that can reduce your pdf sizes without compromising their quality!

Online PDF Compressor Tools

Here we have discussed some of the best PDF compressors found in 2021.

Compress PDF-Duplichecker

The pdf compressor offered by Duplichecker is one of the famous and premium tools offered by this website. This compress pdf tool is free and amazingly easy to use, you don’t need any experience to compress files even if it’s your first time as the tool is based online, so you don’t need to install it on your device. You have to open the website on your browser and navigate the compressor tool on it. When you open the compressor tool on your device, you would see different uploading options using which you have to enter the large-sized pdf files. After insertion of files, you have to click on the button that says ‘Compress PDF’. You will get a smaller version of the same file in less than seconds!

Small PDF

The small pdf is an immensely popular platform for pdf manipulation of all kinds. You can use this tool to convert pdf files, edit them, read them, and even compress them. The pdf compressor feature of this website is very much reliable. If you want to use the tools by SmallPDF, then you have to register yourself with the website. When you subscribe with the site, you will easily get a full suite of pdf tools which can be used for different purposes. This is an online pdf manipulation website, so you need an internet connection to run it. The best thing about the compressor tool is that it protects the quality of the files while compressing them!

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is the oldest platform which is used to treat pdf files, and this is because adobe is the very platform that invented this pdf format. The pdf compressor tool offered by adobe is known to be the most premium tool found on the web. This online pdf tool is available on both the website version of adobe and also with the application version. The compressor tool by adobe is famous because it simply keeps intact the quality of the pdf files while compressing it. Furthermore, you must know that you can also set the compression level with this tool!

PDF Compressor

The pdf compressor is a free and specific tool that can help you in reducing the size of pdf files without any complications. This tool is also web-based, and so you do not have to install it on your device. You must know that this pdf compressor tool is not only available on the website, but you can also get its application version from different stores. This compressor tool can reduce your files to your desired size and by protecting the quality of the file. The tool makes sure that it protects the maximum quality of the file, even in the most intense compression. The format and style of the file are also well-protected with this tool!

Soda PDF

This is another high-quality pdf compressor tool that can be used to reduce files sizes by keeping the quality to its fullest. You must know that the pdf compressor tool by soda pdf comes in both free and paid versions, and it is up to you to select the one that fulfils your needs. Of course, the free version would compress the files but will lose some visual quality of the file. Suppose you can afford the premium package of the tool. In that case, you should go for this one as it has a lot of desirable features and options. If you have never compressed a file, then you can visit this website and get free tutorials of using this tool!

PDF Element

The pdf element is a very responsive website for pdf edition and all other kinds of manipulations. The PDF element is based on a bunch of tools, including the pdf compressor tool. The pdf compressor tool by element is very reliable not only because it can be used for free on any device but also because it protects the quality of your files while compressing them. You must know that this pdf compressor online tool has a wide range of compression features and options that you can use once you hook up with the tool. The pdf element and all its relevant tools are known to be best for businesses and professional use!