Top 5 Technologies to Drive Effective B2B Operations in 2021

Top 5 Technologies to Drive Effective B2B Operations in 2021

Many feel that as compared to B2C businesses, B2B businesses are still stuck when it comes to tech or digital adoption. Most B2B businesses feel that all the technology that is doing the rounds is not something that can benefit them as compared to their B2C counterparts.

However, according to leading business and financial experts, B2B businesses can benefit significantly from pursuing technological processes and maintaining a presence on digital platforms.

List of the Top 5 Technologies to Drive Effective B2B Operations in 2021

AI-enabled Inventory Management Solutions-

Gone are the days when inventory management involved stacks of paper, pen, and a port-belly employee! In 2021, B2B businesses have access to the latest and most cutting-edge inventory management solutions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. According to Verusen, a leader in this field, using excellent inventory management software can help optimize efficiency, cut down on wastages, and contribute to the revenue figures.

Data Analytics for Information and Decision Making-

Data management services are growing in importance in an incredible fashion. Data can play a pivotal role in helping B2B businesses make informed decisions. It can also help shed light on areas that need more attention and improvement. Going forward, B2B businesses should look to make the most out of data management solutions that they can get their hands on. However, it is important to ensure that the quality of data is good and that employees are trained.

Social Media Marketing for Sales and Engagement-

Any B2B business that states that social media is not for them has probably never tried at making it work. Social media gives B2B businesses an opportunity to reach out to their target audiences, engage with them and try to strike up a new conversation. Social media can become one of the strongest tools to engineer sales and grow revenues in 2021. Platforms like LinkedIn are great for B2B businesses and their employees to connect and grow.

Ecommerce and Aggregator Platforms for Exposure-

Nearly every country in the world right now has a platform that allows B2B companies to list themselves, their products, and services. It is important to be present on such platforms as it helps in both brandings, as well as shoring up newer customers and business prospects. Creating an independent ecommerce platform can also help in eliminating distributors and reaching customers directly. It can also open up a separate and new vertical for B2B businesses in 2021.

Video Marketing for Improved Performance-

In the past couple of years, video marketing has become one of the most successful and preferred forms of marketing for B2B businesses. Explaining projects, machines, and different products and services through explainer videos, 3D models, etc. can help in increasing queries. Investing in video marketing and promoting the same on social media platforms and the brand’s website can go a long way in building credibility and generating sales queries.

Using the Latest Technologies can Help B2B Businesses in Multiple Ways

There is a reason why the world’s leading B2B companies are pursuing digital platforms and technologies to create leaner and fitter organizations. By using all the above mentioned technologies, B3B businesses can benefit from the following-

  • Having a disciplined and objective-oriented workforce that is guided by data and functions with increased productivity.
  • Improved handling and management of inventory leading to better procurement, storage, production, and sales processes.
  • Creating a future-proof organization that is driven by data, new technologies, and digital platforms. This will help in future tech adoptions in the coming years.
  • Finding out and establishing new sales points for growing revenues, reaching out to new customers, and exploring newer markets.
  • Cutting down in unnecessary wastages, identifying areas of improvement, and opening up newer verticals for success.

The Final Word

It is high time that B2B businesses start engaging with newer technologies and existing digital platforms. Starting with the basics will allow many of the businesses to start enjoying the above-mentioned advantages in 2021.