Top 5 KPIs Digital Public Relations Helps You Achieve For Your Brand

Top 5 KPIs Digital Public Relations Helps You Achieve For Your Brand


Digital Public Relations, a term that many often confuse for Digital Marketing. Let us get one thing straight, while Digital PR might use many of the strategies of digital marketing, they are not the same.

In the last few years, Digital PR has emerged as a standalone specialization that helps brands establish long-lasting relationships. When people buy a product, they simply do that. For a brand, Digital PR helps people buy into a brand.

Luxury brands seem to do this very well. You might have heard about things like brand value, or ‘I have always wanted to buy that brand’, from customers. This is what digital branding helps in achieving.

In this article, we look at digital public relations and try to identify the top five KPIs it helps in achieving for a brand.

Digital Public Relations: What are some of the Strategies to pursue the same?

While the intent of the article, is not to discuss the strategies per se, we felt that shedding some light on the same will help make the article more comprehensive.

  • Live Event Broadcasting or Live Streaming of events, giveaways, and contests can be a great way to engage with Digital PR in 2021.
  • Social Media continues to be one of the most dynamic platforms to share success stories, testimonials, brand news, and values for most organizations.
  • Releasing Digital PR statements on credible News Platforms on the web can help in amplification and presence. This helps in raising awareness about the brand.
  • Sponsorships, product placements, and brand campaigns through thoughtful video marketing strategies can be a good approach.
  • Search engine marketing by way of maintaining a stellar brand website and engaging with Content Marketing, PPC, and E-brochures can also become a success story.

As you can see from the points above, digital public relations is all about using online platforms and new technologies to boost a brand’s presence.

List of the Top 5 KPIs Digital Public Relations helps you achieve for your Brand


Ask yourself a simple question- why would anyone want to buy a product from you if they don’t know who you are. The first and foremost function of digital public relations is to help you increase awareness in front of the consumers, other businesses, and vendors. The moment you have a sizable digital presence, people will feel more confident about working with you.


You need to make everyone that is connected to your brand understand what the business and company all about. This means what makes you special, what is the product range, and why should you be their first option or choice. Awareness and understanding are like two legs that will help your brand stand and balance itself thereby giving it a great foundation.


We have already pointed out that awareness will lead to more propel knowing about your brand. The question then is, how are you going to sustain and build on that reputation. Digital PR helps a brand align its reputation in the right fashion. Using reputation management software is one of the essentials in a digital PR strategy. This will help boost engagement.


At the end of the day, everyone is selling the same stuff to the same target audiences. The key is to engage customers, build meaningful dialogues, and establish relationships. A major function of digital public relations is to engage the audiences at multiple digital touchpoints. The more you talk, discuss and solve their issues, the more are the chances of them becoming life-long customers for your brand.


Businesses are coming up thick and fast! Did you know that 90% of start-ups fail within the first hundred days? Creating a personality of your brand needs to be more than just product pushing! Digital public relations can help in making your brand stand out by creating a distinct and individualized personality.

The Bottom Line

If you are not doing digital public relations for your brand, you are losing out on a lot. Start small by understanding what works and what should be left alone. Ensure that you engage with this as an investment for the present and future of your business.