Top-10 New Marketing Skills a Marketing Manager Should Perfect

Top-10 New Marketing Skills a Marketing Manager Should Perfect

In the technological age, it has become extremely challenging to keep up with the rapidly changing trends in the marketing industry. No matter how long you’ve been working in the industry, you can never be content with the skills and knowledge that you have.

Marketing has become one of the most competitive fields today. In order to keep up, marketing professionals need to keep learning and acquiring new skills. In this article, we are going to list down the top 10 new marketing skills that you must keep up with in order to succeed. We have divided the skills into two categories: hard skills and soft skills.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Hard Skills

Hard skills are the skills that are quantifiable, teachable, and tangible. In this section, we will highlight the 5 new hard skills that marketers need to succeed in the industry today. Let’s explore them in detail below:

1. Data Analysis

Marketing based on tangible data is what drives successful campaigns. Most marketing executives consider data analysis an essential part of marketing that contributes to business growth. Data analysis is a skill that all marketing professionals must possess to thrive in the industry today.

Regardless of whether you work in product marketing, content creation, or lead generation, the ability to analyze your projects with proper data and metrics is extremely important. Currently, most companies hiring b2b demand generation agency look for this skill to evaluate a candidate.

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is another important skill that marketers need to run campaigns that deliver results. Today, most businesses offer their products online, and it becomes the responsibility of the marketer to help the product reach its target audience. That’s where SEO comes in. It started off as a specialized field, but now all marketing professionals must have some know-how of how search engines work in order to create content that ranks higher.

3. Content Writing Skills

Content marketing continues to be a fundamental part of any marketing campaign. Writing is one of the few marketing skills that can’t be automated. Only a creative and highly skilled person can create content that resonates with its audience. Although content writing isn’t a required skill for all marketing positions, it’s still essential to have command over your words to make any campaign a success.

For instance, even if you don’t write blogs or product descriptions, you’ll still need good writing skills for formatting emails and pursuing potential customers to make the purchase. Writing skills are essential to effectively communicate your ideas to your team and customers.

4. Computer Proficiency

This one may not sound like a new marketing skill, but hear us out. With the rapid advancement in technology, it’s easy to lose track of keeping up with everything. Technological proficiency is probably the most fundamental skill that needs to be building on as new inventions make their place in the industry.

One such tool is automation, an essential element of marketing campaigns today. Make sure you learn things like web analytics, email marketing, website management tools, etc.

5. Social Media Management

Whether you like it or not, but social media marketing in London has taken center stage in the world of marketing. It’s almost like a business that doesn’t even exist if it doesn’t have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It’s also a highly effective tool to reach your target audience and increase the visibility of your brand.

Therefore, regardless of the position you hold in the marketing team, it’s important to be aware of the latest management tools to help your team accomplish its social media goals and objectives. You should be aware of the type of content your target audience engages with the most and tailor a marketing strategy accordingly.

Top 5 soft skills

Unlike hard skills, soft skills aren’t tangible or quantifiable. Soft skills are usually personal attributes, such as leadership skills, dedication, work ethic, honesty, etc. Let’s take a look at the 5five most important soft skills for marketers today:

6. Team Work and Collaboration

A strong marketing campaign is not only consisted of skilled individuals, but it is formed by a team that can work in collaboration. Instead of focusing on individual and independent goals, it’s important that team members work together towards collective goals.

A successful marketer is a person who creates a bond with their team members and encourages collaboration. It is also a sign of great leadership qualities. Make sure you’re open to feedback from your team members. You can also promote collaboration by offering help and advice to your junior colleagues.

7. Flexibility

The marketing industry is all about adaptability and flexibility. If you’re professionals always ready to learn and relearn, take on new tasks, and direct your team towards an innovative and creative approach, then you will surely be considered a successful marketer.

8. Intuition

Most people believe that intuition is one of the more “natural” skills that people possess. However, that’s not entirely true. A person develops intuition based on past experiences and learning. Intuition is a valuable asset for running marketing initiatives that simply don’t have any previous data o work with.

Intuition is something that develops over time. The more you learn about your market, target audience, and the product that you’re selling, the higher would be the accuracy of your intuition.

9. Curiosity

Curiosity is another important quality of a great marketer. If you aren’t curious, you’ll feel uncomfortable experimenting and going outside your comfort zone. But that’s where innovation and progress lies. It’s important to be curious about your target audience, their general preferences, and the changing trends of the industry in order to stay successful in your role throughout your career.

10. Emotional intelligence

Nowadays, the success of any marketing campaign relies heavily on its ability to develop a connection with its audience. An emotionally intelligent marketer will be able to identify the connection points and make their brand more relatable and valuable for its customers.

Final Words

As a marketer, your learning and growth should never stop at any stage of your career. In order to be at the top of your game, you’ll have to keep up with the changing times and adapt quickly. That is why it’s important to develop skills that continue to enrich your career.

Author Bio:

Faye Eldridge is the founder and director of The Fyami Marketing group limited. Fyami is a curious growth and marketing consultancy London, that provides demand generation, lead nurturing, digital, social media, and general marketing support and solutions.’ Our mission is to get more businesses in this technology-led digital age. Faye believes in positive influencing, transparency, diversity, being inquisitive, being tenacious, and sharing knowledge. She has a Master’s degree and is currently partaking in doctorate business research relating to the CMO and CTO collaboration.