Facebook Marketing

Time-Tested Tips To Boost Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

A pioneer in the world of social media, Facebook has played an important role in the marketing strategies of many brands. However, if your brand is one that has jumped into the Facebook marketing revolution early, chances are that you might have noticed a decline in its organic reach. You need to understand that this has nothing to do with your product or service. It is just that your Facebook marketing campaign is not up to the mark, and you need to gear up to walk that extra mile.

Understand that, over the years, Facebook has been evolving as a social media platform and treading the thin line between trying to please corporations and satisfying users who use the platform. While Facebook was an excellent resource for a business page, today, it centers around personal connections. While the Facebook of yesterday is gone, there is an increasing competition among marketers for getting online visibility.

To help you through the situation, we have compiled a list of 7 time-tested Facebook marketing tips that hold even today.

Optimize Your Posting Times

Knowing the best time to post on Facebook is the first step to ensuring that it does not get lost in a sea of posts. The best time is subjective and will vary depending on the target audience in question. While you need to test this for yourself and experience will help you improve.

The golden rule to consider is the fact that the lesser interest in their work, the more likely they are to browse Facebook. This makes 9 am and 1 to 4 pm the two most active time slots. Moreover, posts published on Thurs-Sun usually see better responses than those posted earlier in the week.


Tagging is one of the most under-utilized features of Facebook marketing. As a brand, you may often collaborate with other brands, social media influencers, celebrities, or simply your Fans for an event or virtual post.

Make sure that you tag the concerned person or organization in your Facebook post about the event. That way, the post will gain visibility among followers of the tagged page and thereby have a better reach.

With these tips, your Facebook marketing will be up to date with the latest trends, and you can hope to reach your marketing goals. This provides a fairground for smaller businesses to establish their market and reach out to a larger target group. As you bank on Facebook to drive the success story of your brand, we wish you the best of luck for the same.

Opt For A Targeted Approach

In the modern era of personalization, you need to segment your Facebook fans just like you would do for an email list. This is especially useful if your brand has a large target audience or an audience with varied interests. For example, let us consider a situation wherein you are a brand whose target group is in the North American market.

You can consider duplicating your Facebook for your fans in the Eastern Time Zone, Mountain Time, and Pacific Time Zone to get the maximum impact. However, you need to realize that for such an act, a person visiting your page will be seeing all three duplicate posts. To give a professional touch to your page, consider clicking on the ‘Hide from Timeline’ option for two of them.

Leverage The Power Of Fan-Created Content

A look at the popular social media trends such as hashtags and selfies reveals the human tendency that people like to be famous. The multi-million-dollar television industry or the influence of Instagrammers is a testimony to this fact. As a brand, you can leverage this by sharing the content of your fans on your Facebook page.

That way, you open the doors to a sea of fresh content without any monetary investment on your part. By giving the fans a couple of minutes of fame, you make sure that they share your post in their network and build the foundations of lifetime loyalty. However, remember that it is a common courtesy to ask permission from your fans before sharing any of their content.

Optimize Your Facebook Images

Photographs and images have a 53% higher chance of generating likes on Facebook (as compared to textual posts, and you cannot ignore their role in your marketing strategy. Understand that viewers like to see images of real people and their facial expressions in their Facebook feed.

If you can replace conventional product images with lifestyle images, you are more likely to capture the attention you hope for. Brands that use images to build up nostalgia have the edge over the competition. In your efforts to optimize your Facebook images, you can also consider creating dedicated image galleries.

Fill In The Blank Posts

Another psychological trait of human beings is the love for showing off their wit and creativity. Multiple forums like Reddit and Quora bank solely in this. The purpose of such portals goes beyond helping people find answers to their queries and leverage the urge of people showing off their knowledge.

Facebook Marketing

You can incorporate this in your Facebook strategy and have fill-in-the-blank posts to allow your followers a chance to get witty. This will boost engagement on your posts and make them more likely to be noticed by other members of your target group.

Video Testimonials

For a potential customer, a testimonial is much more trustworthy than your attempts at promoting the brand. This is because while you are biased about your product or service, the testimonial is an unbiased approach. Since it is created by someone who is in the same boat as your potential customers, they are more likely to be taken seriously.

To make the most of this trend, you can request your satisfied customers for a short clip of their experience with you. Use InVideo or any other editing tool to bring together such clips and make them into a testimonial that you will share from your brand page. Remember that in the world of Facebook, video testimonials have a much better reach than textual reviews.