The Eye Rover: Your Third Eye

The Eye Rover is a revolutionary camera supported by your smartphones and other mobile devices. The Eye Rover is the camera we have developed to give high quality at minimum price. People see documentary makers using many advanced tools, they wish they could have those tools too. Eye Rover is a step further to make these wishes come true. The scope of using this innovative camera is very wide.

Who can use Eye Rover:

  1. Amateurs
  2. Mechanics
  3. Plumbers
  4. Dentists
  5. Doctors
  6. Home and building inspectors
  7. Exterminators
  8. Electricians
  9. Teachers
  10. Children and adults
  11. DIY enthusiasts

Why we should use it:

  • For close-ups
  • Looking at difficult small places where eyes can not see
  • For better vision
  • For not needing the help of others to look at your back, in your ears or inside your mouth for possible health concerns.

Eye Rover is not just an exotic device, it has the potential to serve your basic needs. It captures photos and videos through an app. It connects with devices through wifi network. Because it is not connected with a wire, it can be used from a distance too. Eye Rover’s bendable neck gives the user ability to capture shots from different angles. It is light weighted which makes it easier to transport.

What’s there in the box for you:

  1. Eye Rover camera.
  2. Adjustable device stand for hand free view.
  3. USB power adapter with charging cable
  4. Lightweight carrying case.
  5. Accessory kit with other components

How it works:

  • Download the app in any device.
  • Select Rover wifi in the settings.
  • Switch on the Eye Rover.
  • Select the LED switch level for desired light.
  • Bend the neck of Eye Rover in desired way and start shooting videos.

Cleaning Eye Rover is not hard either. You just need to grab a soft cloth and rub it on the lens in a circular and gentle way to remove dust, oil, fingerprints, smudge etc.

Like I said Eye Rover has in it to become basic need in every household. It has a 3 feet long bendable neck. It connects with your device even from 50 feet away. To use this camera you do not even need an internet connection. The Eye Rover app creates wifi network between your device and camera.

For the mass production of these cameras, we need money. If you take a pledge to support us, we will be able to mass produce them and market them better. Help us to reach our goal by backing us up on Kickstarter.