Smart Lights

Tested Ways to Make the Most of Smart Lights

The light switch you are using in your house since years is the old device now. Technology has something a lot more to offer to you. Since the 1880s, there have been many technologies for controlling lights in your house. In the modern era, smart lighting, smart bulbs, and smart switches can make your home feel dynamic and away from the traditional basic ways of controlling the lighting.

One can now control and name their lights through an app. This is possible with the innovation of lights like Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, Lifx, etc. If you have any thought in mind about the cost then let me make it clear that smart lighting is not expensive, you can even grab it at cheaper prices during sales like Philips hue black friday sale.

Use Smart Devices to Enhance Wall Switch

We are used to going to the switch and flicking it off or on. This is the time to get over this habit. Turn your home lighting on or off using your mobile. What you need is a smart bulb and the app installed on your phone. Wall switches should importantly be changed so that you can control all devices and not just lights. Consider getting smart switches installed on your home walls, it’ll put your entire home’s electricity control on your app and way easier to manage. Simply use the app or send a voice command just like “voice: alexa”.

If you are only using smart bulbs and not smart switches, you have to control it using your mobile application or remote which is quite easy but you don’t get much of functionalities with this method. So, to get all benefits of smart lighting, you can use smart switches and dive in the win-win situation.

The entire range of philips hue offers a variety of bulbs, switches, wall sockets, and much more to take care of your home’s smart lighting needs. You can even use your traditional bulbs and install these smart switches to gain control over them. You can hire an electrician to do the wiring work for you and install the switch properly.

Automate Home Lighting with Sensors

Why are we talking about sensors? Because sensors can really enhance the overall lighting of your house. A sensor can automatically turn on and off the lights when it is needed. For example, when someone walks in, the lights will turn on and similarly it will turn off. So, this can also save on your electricity cost. These sensors can easily be set-up using a mobile application and few steps need to be followed to set up. You just need to pair your smart bulbs to the sensors and it is all set for the magic. If you are wondering which sensor to use, then again Philips has done this job easy for you. You can easily use Philips Hue Motion Sensor to automate lighting of your home.

If you have smart bulbs of well known brands, you can control them with the sensors paired with devices like Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod Mini, or Samsung SmartThings hub. Setting up sensors in closet lighting, washroom, and kitchen like places will be a creative option.

Let Lights Greet You Home

Getting back home and turning on lights then sitting on the couch is old fashioned now. With smart lighting, lights will greet you home. Smart lighting from Philips Hue and Lutron Caseta can sense whether to keep lights on or off based on where your phone is. So, if your phone is not home, it’ll keep the lights off which can sometimes save a lot of electricity cost for you in case you forget to shut off the lights.

So, Smart lighting is the new way of lighting your home efficiently and creatively. Hope you’ll jump out of the home right now to get these smart devices for your home.