Surveyors & Geotech Companies Are Evolving With Latest Technology!

From SaaS solutions to drone data collection, the way surveyors and geotech companies are collecting; storing and distributing data is definitely changing. Surveyors & Geotech companies out there today are changing how they do business to cut down the overhead expenses, improve safety and produce optimum results overall. Below are some of the Surveyors & Geotech Companies that are building their business by leveraging the latest technology.

  • Hybrid Cloud-based Solutions

Surveyors & Geotech Companies are gathering more data than ever before. Rather than providing 2D reporting, these services are now providing detailed 3D point models, clouds, and simulations. For the oil and gas sector, particularly, this is incredibly important; the improved accuracy quantity and accuracy of the data can make the project both safer and faster, as there will be fewer unpredicted discoveries and delays.

This data should be kept somewhere safe. By storing it on a hybrid cloud-based infrastructure, Surveyors & Geotech Companies improve the data accessibility, reducing the possibility of it being lost, and storing large volumes of data without making any personal investment of data space. Browse through to learn more on how business software for surveyors and geotech companies are proving beneficial!

  • Using Software-as-a-Service

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basically helps move the computational aspect and the entire data to a remote server, rather than having to execute data modeling and complex calculations on-premise. Surveyors & Geotech Companies make use of SaaS to provide quick and prompt results, which are often low cost. The SaaS suites are exceedingly competitive which makes it easier for businesses to scale, as they no longer are required to invest in physical infrastructure and hardware. For example, you can have access to literally billions of survey grade points on your Smartphone or Web browser.

  • Implementing Automation and Machine Learning

The more oil and gas sector projects can be automated, the better it gets for Surveyors & Geotech Companies out there. In the last few years, the oil and gas sector has embraced the Internet of Things, allowing them to add sensors on their construction sites and automating various other routine maintenance processes. In terms of surveying and engineering, Surveyors & Geotech companies are considering improving the amount of automation and add machine learning improves, such as areas where 3D printing can be used.

UAVs and drones are another vital aspect in which automation and robotics are being used to boost the cost and consistency of surveying. Drones help execute detailed surveys in a fraction of time.