Ssl Is An Essential Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy And User Experience

Ssl Is An Essential Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy And User Experience

It’s predicted that revenues from digital marketing will go past the $100 billion marks this year. Digital marketing has evolved a lot in the past few years to the point of becoming the primary link between brands and their client bases.

Most entrepreneurs prefer digital marketing because it does not only help you target the right groups of people but also gives you the best personalization capabilities. It’s also cheap and very easy to measure performances using tools like A/B tests etc.

In a different twist of fate, most online marketers find it all wrong. Many businesses fail miserably. In fact, over 90 per cent of email subscribers unsubscribe from company email lists they had opted into in the past.

It’s hard to discern why this happens, but from the online security point of view, we know that 75 per cent website users don’t think that their data is secure on the websites they visit. So you could be wondering what digital marketing is and how it works.

That’s what we explain in this guide. We also show you why you need SSL for success in your online marketing campaigns.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of online marketing tactics to help in finding and building a loyal audience. It works by targeting a specific group then converting them to paying clients for the service/product you’re promoting.

Depending on your needs or budget, you may use a mix of different online channels to connect with hopeful consumer base and build a rapport with them. Nevertheless, it’s never easy.

One of the biggest challenges that digital marketers face is winning the trust of the target audience online. Statistically, SSL is in many cases, the key to winning customer trust.

What Is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that is designed to help create encrypted connections between browsers and web servers. The encryption mechanism used here helps ensure that all the information shared between the user’s browser and the websites they visit remains private.

Why SSL Is Important In Digital Marketing And User Experience

SSL certificates assure the users that they’re on a safe website. If you’re an avid internet user, you must have bumped on sites that have just ‘HTTP’ and those that have ‘HTTPs’ on the website URL.

The (s) at the end of (HTTP) means secure, and today, most browsers will also warn you if you try to connect on a website using HTTP alone as shown below.

SSL is therefore critical for in digital marketing and for user experience in three main ways:

It Acts As Proof That You Care For Your Customers

In a time where cybercrime is rampant, every internet user is worried about their security. If you want to win a loyal client base, you must prove to them that at least you just don’t love their money but cares for their safety online too.

If you install an SSL certificate from a reputed Certificate Authority, your website URL will have the HTTPs instead of HTTP with a padlock sign as a sign of security.

It Is Good For Seo

Did you know that Google now uses https as a ranking signal? Well, Google made it clear that to ensure user security online, they will be using https as a ranking signal.

That means that if you’re still stuck with the insecure HTTP, your website will rank way below those of your competitors. There are even fears that Google may opt against indexing the HTTP websites.

It Also Gives Your Web Visitors Peace Of Mind

If you install an SSL certificate from a reputed CA still, the certificate will come with a secure site seal. You can place these seals on your checkout pages, and login pages etc. The site seals prove that the website is legit and uses top-level encryption in safeguarding user data. The site seal boosts the confidence of visitors and customers that the website is safe to deal with.

How Do I Know If My Website Have SSL?

You only need to visit the website on a different browser and check the address. It should have HTTPs and a padlock sign.

If it lacks the padlock sign and (s) at the end of HTTP, definitely there is no SSL certificate installed on the website. You may also get warnings that the connection isn’t safe.

How Can I Add Ssl Certificate On My Website?


Fortunately, for you, most web hosting companies, and SSL resellers provide SSL Certificates. You can also get yours from a CA (certificate authority) and install it on your server or get the hosting company do the installation for you as well. For free.

If you wish to purchase the SSL Certificate independently, however, it’s prudent that you review your needs beforehand. If you’re running a small to medium-sized business, the Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate would be a worthwhile option for you.

To get this certificate, you’ll need to apply for it from a reputable CA, reseller or hosting company and prove to them that you own the domain you wish to secure. For example, you can consider SSL2BUY for a better price and authenticated SSL certificates that fit your site’s requirement. SSL purchasing process is quite simple and fast depending on your CA; you may only need to complete a quick email verification to get your digital certificate.

There is also no paperwork required for DV SSL Certificates and it presents and a better way of giving your customers peace of mind when shopping or browsing on your website.

Wrapping Up

SSL Certificates are critical in digital marketing because they enhance user confidence when shopping or browsing on your website and most importantly ensure the security of these customers. When buying one though, be sure to check with reputable Certificate Authority with popular security seals that are known by most internet users.

Good luck in your online campaigns!