Rick Shiels Net Worth

Rick Shiels Net Worth

The 2023 updates estimate Rick Shiels net worth ‘ net worth to be about $5 million. Find out the most recent information on Rick Shiels’ career, assets, assets, income, and salary.

The English PGA instructor, YouTuber, and golf influencer Rick Shiels has a large following on the platform. Rick Shiels net worth is widely renowned for his reviews of different golf gear and golf instruction.

Rick Shiels Net Worth

Rick Shiels net worth $5 million
Date of birth 3 July 1986
location of birth Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rick Shiels Year Old 37
Height of Rick Shiels 1.83 m (6 feet 0 inches)
nationality English
profession PGA coach, golf influencer, and YouTuber

Income, Earnings, And Salary For Rick Shiels net worth

The 2023 reports state that Rick Shiels net worth makes about $26K per month. Nevertheless, Rick Shiels makes around $312K each year. My work as a PGA instructor, YouTuber, and golf influencer is my main source of revenue.

Fans Frequently Ponder:

What Does Rick Shiels Net Worth Get Paid?

In this light, we may say that Rick Shiels Net Worth’ primary source of income is YouTube advertising.

For every 1,000 video views, the Monetized YouTube channel makes money by displaying video adverts. For every thousand video views, monetized YouTube channels might make between $3 and $7. Ads only make only a small portion of total earnings; speaking engagements, product sales, affiliate commissions, and sponsorships all contribute far more.

Resources For Finance

The following are the several ways the YouTube celebrity makes money:

Working As A Pga Coach

The YouTube celebrity has made almost $2 million coaching golf.

Rick Shiels Net Worth

Income From Youtube Advertising

How Much Money Does Rick Shiels Net Worth Make On YouTube? is a common question from fans.

After YouTube deducts its cut, US, UK, Canadian, and Australian-based YouTube video producers make between $2 and $12 for every 1000 paid views. Additionally, Google Preferred enables wealthy businesses to focus advertisements in the top 5% of most popular content. The users of YouTube Red, who pay a monthly subscription to access premium material on YouTube and ad-free videos, give the YouTubers more income.

promotion of goods through sponsorships and brand endorsements

YouTubers seldom make money from just one source. The successful YouTuber either advertises his own goods, takes sponsorships, or earns money through affiliate commissions. He makes about $5,000 per month from sponsorships and brand endorsements.

We are so confident in the information we have provided since it was computed using a combination of our reliable methodology, data collecting, and algorithm. Before they are published, editors and experts in the field check them to ensure that our readers are not given misleading information.

Rick Shiels Net Worth

Expenditures, Assets, and Lifestyle

The YouTuber is the owner of a lavish home in England.

Vehicle Collection

The YouTuber has a BMW among other pricey vehicles.

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Wife Of Rick Shiels

According to information on Rick Shiels Net Worth’ relationships, he is a contentedly married guy. According to Rick Shiels girlfriend information, Claire Shiels is the lucky husband of Rick Shiels.

On March 30, 2013, Rick and Claire exchanged vows. Rick and Claire welcomed their first child, Ivy Shiels, after one year of marriage. They had a second daughter named Pearl Shiels two years later.

Jude Shiels is the third kid that Rick and his wife have announced. Rick is among the highest-paid YouTubers because to his impressive earnings.

Rick Shiels Net Worth


Name of the channel: Rick Shiels Net Worth Golf

joined on October 13, 2011

2.49M+ subscribers overall

Young Adulthood And Career

The well-known English golf influencer and YouTuber Rick Shiels Net Worth Golf was born on July 3, 1986, in Burnley, Lancashire, England.

Rick Was Raised In Burnley, Lancashire, Where He Was Born.

When he was 11 years old, Rick, one of the highest-paid golf aficionados and YouTubers, first developed an interest in the game. At Hart Common in Bolton, the career began. Rick later enrolled in PGA instruction at age 18 and graduated from the program at age 21. Rick also started working at The Mere in Knutsford on top of everything else. In addition, he has a certificate from Myerscough College in golf studies. In the future, he began working at the Mere Golf & Country Club in Cheshire, England. After completing his PGA program, he was immediately a licensed professional.

He strives to increase golfers’ pleasure, proficiency, and comprehension of the golf swing.

Additionally, Rick Shiels Net Worth YouTube career states that in 2010, Rick relocated to Manchester’s Trafford Golf Centre. The launch of the YouTube channel was a huge success. Additionally, he emphasizes golf club reviews, Rick Shiels Net Worth Golf Lessons, and recommendations on the channel. In order to launch a new academy with Peter Finch, Rick was forced to quit the Trafford Golf Centre. The academy is called Quest Golf Studio.

Rick Shiels Net Worth

Rick Shiels Net Worth makes mention of his incredible podcast career, which he is quite proud of.

The highly compensated YouTuber Rick made history by being the first golf vlogger to reach 1 million followers. Later, Rick collaborated on a number of mini-series on his YouTube channel with companies including Inc., Garmin, Nike, and Mastercard. Rick has included several famous people in his videos, including Eddie Hall and Robbie Williams.

Videos feature product evaluations, golfing anecdotes, coaching advice, and more. Podcast There are several podcast platforms where you may listen to The Rick Shiels Net Worth Golf Show. Additionally, he has a second YouTube account with the same name where he uploads trailers and whole episodes. Updates from February 2021 indicate that Shiels announced on the program that he was breaking his long-standing relationship with Nike.

His Career On Youtube Is Expanding.

Despite being a pro in the golf sports sector, YouTuber Rick Shiels Net Worth opted to create his own and launched his channel on October 13, 2011. Welcome to Rick Shiels Net Worth’ golf YouTube channel, where you can find everything related to golf, including lessons, coaching, equipment and club reviews, blogging, challenges, and entertainment.

He was able to become well-known because to his ability to connect with the audience and his innovative style. Additionally, on February 10, 2020, Rick Shiels made the decision to launch the Rick Shiels Golf Show YouTube account. The majority of his revenue comes from his YouTube channel, but he also receives significant sponsorship payments, and he has a lucrative 4-year contract with Nike.

He may reach a larger audience by using the channel Rick Shiels Net Worth Golf. He attained a million followers in June 2020, earning him the title of one of YouTube’s most well-liked producers.

On His Channel, Rick Shiels Net Worth Concentrates On The Following Areas:

Putting golf equipment to the test

On the golf field, there are certain Dos and Don’ts.

Golf technique instruction

The Rick Podcast

Details reveal that on February 10, 2020, Shiels held his podcast, The Rick Shiels Golf Show, in which he discusses the golf industry and related subjects. On the podcast, Rick Shiels invites guests to share their thoughts on the new golf industry regulations and other topics that will amuse and amuse your family.

Favorite streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Audible, and others provide Rick Shiels material. In order to promote his podcast, which draws listeners from more than 16 countries, including 315,00 golfers each month, Shiels secured Motocaddy as his main sponsor.

The Rick Shiels Fire Accident in Focus

After the house burned down on January 3, 2017, Rick’s family was forced to endure a difficult period. However, they might be able to escape and return to Bolton. Rick Shiels handled the issue despite the tragic catastrophe.

Rick Shiels Competed In The Pga?

At age 11, Rick Shiels started playing golf at Westhoughton’s Hart Common Golf Club. He graduated from Myerscough College with a certificate in golf studies. Rick Shiels started golfing ten years ago. After finishing his PGA qualifications, Rick Shiels began working at the Mere Golf & Country Club in Cheshire, England.

Rick Shiels Net Worth


How much is Rick Shiels Net Worth?

$5 Million Is Rick Shiels Net Worth.

When was Rick Shiels born?

The 37-year-old English golf vlogger is named Rick.

What is Rick Shiels’ height?

Recent estimates place Rick Shiels’ height at 6 feet, 0 inches (1.83 m).

Does Rick Shiels date?

Rick Shiels, a happily married man, and his wife, Claire Shiels, have been leading blissful lives together.

What city does Rick Shiels reside in?

Rick Shiels resides in the English city of Bolton.‎

How Is Rick Shiels Doing?

Living in Bolton, England, UK, Rick Shiels Net Worth is the Senior PGA Teaching Professional at Trafford Golf Centre.‎

How Can I Get In Touch With Rick Shiels?

You may get in touch with Rick Shiels PGA via Twitter at “@troywolf20 email rickshielsgolf@gmail.com”.

Is Rick Shiels Sponsored By Nike?

Nike Golf no longer supports Rick Shiels Net Worth. Shiels claims that the company altered its business strategy in a way that he believed would harm his relationship with the audience.

Who Is Supporting Rick Shiels?

Rick Shiels was supported by Nike.

When Was Rick Shiels Born?

Rick Shiels was born on July 3, 1986.

What Kind Of Shoes Wears Rick Shiels?

Nike’s GOLF 270 golf shoes are well-known thanks to Rick Shiels Net Worth Golf.

Has Rick Shiels Ever Been Married?

He is indeed married. On Instagram, Rick Shiels Net Worth said, “Celebrating 5 wonderful years being married to my beautiful wife Claire!”

Rick Shiels Net Worth

Last Words

The amazing attitude of Rick Shiels Net Worth encourages beginners to take up golf. With his busy career, Rick Shiels’ net worth is continuously rising. Keep checking back with us for information on additional athletes.