Recent Trends Among Georgia Solar Companies

Recent Trends Among Georgia Solar Companies

Did you know that over 100 Georgia solar companies operate throughout the state? Thanks to them, the Peach State has had a total solar capacity of 4,268.5 megawatts (MW) as of the first quarter of 2021. That’s enough to power 542,276 homes!

So if you live in GA too and want to switch to green energy, it’s time to learn more about solar companies in Georgia.

Don’t worry, as that’s what we’re here to discuss. Read on to learn about the latest trends among Peach State’s solar providers and what they can offer.

Free Initial Site Consultations

Georgia averages 4 to 4.5 peak sun hours every day. That’s pretty much the same as a handful of other states like Florida, Kansas, and Louisiana.

That average number of peak sun hours is one of the reasons solar is booming in the Peach State. It’s enough for high-efficiency solar panels to generate enough electricity for a day.

However, many factors, such as roof orientation, can still affect panel output. Likewise, a roofing system’s age can impact a solar energy system’s installation site.

Thus, reputable Georgia solar installation companies conduct free initial consultations first. That involves a meeting with a solar expert to confirm how good a candidate your home is for solar. The specialist then verifies your eligibility and, from there, tells you if you are or aren’t.

All-In Solar Installation Services

Suppose the solar company confirms you’re an excellent candidate for solar. In that case, you can expect them to create a custom system plan that allows for maximum savings.

If you agree, the company can start the installation, including securing all permits. You can expect their qualified staff to be with you from day one until you power on your solar energy system.

Attractive Money-Saving Bonuses

According to the folks at Blue Raven, Georgia Power offers a net metering program. That’s on top of the federal tax credit and other rebates from utility companies. All those incentives allow the Peach State’s homeowners to save even more.

However, a few of Georgia’s top solar companies take that up a notch by offering other freebies. For example, you may get a free smart thermostat and a LED lighting package with your solar panels. Both can help you save money by making your home more energy-efficient.

Referral Programs

Some Georgia solar companies offer referral programs that put money in your pocket. You can get a specified amount of cash for every successful referral you make. Some even come with an increased cash bonus after your first referral.

A referral program is an excellent way to make extra money and get your friends and family on solar. So, make sure you factor this in as you search for a Georgia solar company to install your system.

Start Comparing Georgia Solar Companies

Keep in mind that the federal solar tax credit decreases from 26% in 2022 to 22% in 2023. That should be enough to prompt you to begin comparing Georgia solar companies today. The sooner you decide which one to hire, the sooner you can get your system up and running and qualify for the 26% ITC.

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