On-Page Seo Tips That Can Boost Your Ranking

On-Page Seo Tips That Can Boost Your Ranking

On-page SEO is one of the most critical aspects of the SEO process. This is so because it has a direct link with the website, which is the first thing a visitor would encounter while searching for your brand or products and services you offer.

So getting your on-page SEO game strong is essential for your business. Though you can reach out to SEO companies in Perth for expert help, you can even follow the below-mentioned tips to boost your ranking.

Optimize Your Page Titles

Each page of your website should have a different descriptive title. The page’s titles are generally inserted into the title tag, which is nuzzled under each page’s head tag.

It is generally the first thing a visitor comes across in the search results. So, make sure they are relevant and unique. Here are some rules that you should follow to develop an effective title

  1. Insert relevant keywords while forming the title. This helps the users as well as the search engines to locate your page.
  2. Make sure your title isn’t very lengthy. A standard title usually has 50-60 characters.
  3. The best way to end your title is to end them with your brand name. It helps you create awareness about your brand and also improves the click-through rate.

Curate an Optimized Meta Description

Just like title tags, meta descriptions are also important. These are like a sneak peek of your content for your visitors. So, make it more relevant and try to convey your main plot using it. Here are some rules that would help you develop a more relevant meta description

  1. Plot your description wisely. Make it as relevant as possible but keep it brief.
  2. A standard meta description usually contains 150 to 300 characters. Try to curate a description between these numbers because Google truncates a meta description that exceeds 155 characters.

Content Formatting for Refined Readability

Formatting your content doesn’t necessarily mean your content would be read, but it improves the readability of the published content. Which certainly aids on page SEO ranking factors. We recommend following these factors to promote readability.

  1. Change your font size and color as per search engine standards. Try to select a color for your font that goes with the background.
  2. Break your content into small parts, which enhances the readability.
  3. Use supporting media to complement your content.

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Optimize Your Url

URL or the location address of every piece of content is an inalienable part of your website. Its naming and formatting can directly impact your click-through rates. Hence make sure you build unique but relevant URLs for your web pages.

Keep an eye on the following points while drafting the URL structures.

  1. Name the URL based on the products and services linked to the page.
  2. Make sure URL length is within a standard character range. Do use your keywords but don’t overload them.


On-page SEO is equally important as the other two aspects of SEO that are technical and off-page. This is because the home page is the first thing a visitor encounters when they visit your page.

Hence make sure to optimize it according to the given tips to retain and gain relevant traffic. You can even take expert help from SEO companies in Perth.

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