Netflix Anime Series

Netflix Anime Series You Need To Binge Watch This Weekend

Times are difficult, cities worldwide are under lock-down, and people have been forced to stay at home. Even corporate organizations have necessitated telecommuting for employees so that there is limited social interaction. This quarantine-at-home situation has afforded people a lot of extra time on hand that they can utilize doing things they wouldn’t normally have the time for. If you are an anime fan, and if you have been planning to watch a certain anime series on Netflix, this would be the perfect time to do it!

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Once you set yourself up with a subscription, you will be able to make the most of the list of anime series below. These are available on Netflix, and right there for you to binge-watch this weekend – and kill the boredom!.

Netflix Anime Series

1 – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K:  Ever wanted to have superpowers, where you could control things through your mind like a mutant does, or read people’s thoughts like Charles Xavier? Are you interested in telekinesis or telekinetics? Saiki Kusuo is here to tell you about his hands-on experience at living the life of a psychic. Hold your thought! You might be wondering maybe this is a very serious anime, you’re wrong! Combine the varied notions associated with Psyche, and add a little bit of humor – that is what makes Saiki K.

Join the one very tired of his life, one who sees his abilities as more of a curse than a blessing; at times he finds himself wishing for blissful ignorance, but when he sees his friends, family, and others around him act dumb, he feels grateful for the gift.

On Netflix, there are two seasons of this series. Saiki K is the first one followed by Saiki K: Reawakened, which is an original Netflix series. This is a show you can easily watch this coming weekend, while in self-quarantine. Add a little fun to the dreariness of the circumstance.

Netflix Anime Series

Genre: Comedy, Fiction, Psyche

2 – Beastars: Beastars is a Netflix original anime series revolving around the lives of civilized anthropomorphic animals, both Herbivores and Carnivores, living in harmony with one another until that night!

An incident at a school changes everyone’s beliefs leaving them scared for their lives. At Cherryton Academy, a student Tem, a herbivorous, is brutally killed and eaten supposedly by a carnivorous. People suspect it to be an inside activity, which makes Tem’s friend Legoshi overwhelmed with fear, totally terrorized because he is a grey wolf in the same stage- a crew that Tem was part of. Legoshi, despite his predator-like appearance, is a kind and gentle-hearted wolf, albeit most his life he has been seen and feared as a danger, never trusted. He is pretty used to living like that until he encounters a classmate of his, a rabbit named Haru. The encounter with Haru, the death of his friend Tem, accompanied by a confrontation against his true instincts and nature, Legoshi’s life becomes a complete mess.

See, and experience the story interestingly unwind itself – watch how Legoshi tries to take back the control of his life.

Genre: Psychological, Slice of Life, Drama 

3 – Violet Evergarden: Another original Netflix series is Violet Evergarden – a story that revolves around the life of a 13-year-old girl, selfishly used as a war machine by the army. As a kid, her life changes for the better when she meets a Major, who treats her like a real human being, but on orders, she continues to serve the army. Having only been taught how to train, Violet is considered no more than a tool by everyone, a tool with no heart. But then a war turns her life up-side-down, as she loses the most important person in her life. She feels useless, having suffered a major injury in the war, and would rather be cast away, but life has something else in store for her. She joins the Auto Memory Doll Service to find her purpose in life. And it is there that she learns to feel like a human being – she learns to cry and smile, and to express herself.

Violet Evergarden takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as you see the girl struggle and thrive, while she lives a life of tragedy, trying to finding her purpose, learning the biggest secret of her life, and eventually coming to life again!

Consisting of only 13 episodes, this is something you will love to binge-watch. Netflix Anime Series


Genre: Slice Of Life, Drama, Fantasy

4 – Castlevania: Are you more of a Vampire person? Do you like gore, darkness, evil, blood, and swords in your shows? If yes, you are going to love this one. Set in ancient times marked by the era of witches, Dracula, vampires, and vampire hunters, the story depicts a crazy bishop controlling the land. He is a cruel and selfish person whose only goal is to be the Church – authority that rules the land. Motivated by his selfish desires, he kills Dracula’s wife thus starting an intense war as Dracula seeks revenge on humanity.

As the saying goes, it takes a monster, to kill a monster – Adrian Tepes is awakened by Trevor Belmont (the vampire hunter) and Sypha Belnades (the magician). Acknowledging that his father’s acts are unjustifiable, Adrian teams up with Trevor and Sypha for a mission – Dracula must be destroyed and humanity saved.

Castlevania is an ongoing series consisting of three seasons so far and surely has it all to get you hooked for the entire weekend.

Netflix Anime Series

Genre: Drama, Dark Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Horror

5 – Ultraman: Netflix original – Are you more of a science geek? Well, if you are, then just keep reading on.

This anime is based on a Japanese science fiction series. The plot depicts a young man Shinjiro Hayata, who takes up his father’s legacy – and becomes the Ultraman, who saves the earth from an extraterrestrial invasion. In 1960, Shinjiro’s father – Shin Hayata, bonded with Ultraman, and became the hero who saved earth from different kinds of monsters, alien invasions, and other threats. In 2019, evil starts to make a move again! Shin Hayata who was severely injured in his last fight with the alien Belmur, leaves no choice for Shinjiro except to be the Ultraman and save the earth.

The story is very captivating and progresses very smoothly in terms of how Shinjiro’s character develops. The 3D animation adds to the experience – from Ultraman’s metallic suit that shines like that of a glorious knight in armour, to his clashes with the enemies, everything is just fantastic. So, if you are a fan of Sci-fi and anime this is a must-watch for you – yet another Netflix Original on our list.

Netflix Anime Series

Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Drama 

6 – Kakegurui XX: A Netflix original series based on the manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Toru Naomura. The setting in the anime is that of a prestigious school, Hyakkaou Private Academy, where there is no rule except one – gamble till you drop! There is no grading system, there is no merit, the one who gambles the best is among the prestigious ones. For them there is either a winner or a loser, no in-between; and the winner takes it all – fame, glory, riches and all the facilities, while the loser is cast aside, treated like nobody. If you want to survive the place, you have to get your gambling freak out!

Living a life of risk in a capitalist society, where everyone only cares about themselves, the motivating power for most students is to climb up the ladder in the student council and become the president. Being the president of the school is like conquering the whole nation. Living for only one purpose in life, the students reach a point of ecstasy just by thinking about winning.

Kakegurui XX is a very different kind of anime that will get your adrenaline-pumping.

Genre:  Game, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, School

Tanoshinde Kudasai! 

We hope you have fun watching these, and have a lovely weekend. Make the most of it! You don’t get so much free time usually, use this quarantine time as an opportunity to do things you love. Don’t get depressed, hit our list to keep yourself busy and entertained over the coming weekend.

Netflix Anime Series

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