Keyword Nerve Center

This new Keyword Research Tool for searching the Kindle dropdown search results is changing the way authors research keywords. Previously, to be able to search the dropdown suggestions on Amazon, you either had to pay for an expensive program or a paid membership, and usually then they were not even tailored to authors.

This completely free tool actually only searches the Amazon Kindle Store, and bolds repeated keywords so you can see what’s popular and what isn’t. Keywords are often considered the secret recipe for success, as it’s the only secret part of an authors arsenal. As long as the vast majority of Amazon book sales are made by Amazon searches, keywords will continue to be completely essential.

This unique tool available for free and without any membership required is a welcome new addition to the toolkit of small self publishers. The keyword nerve center includes more than that, with a word counter that separates keywords into the 7 strings allowed by Amazon, ensuring that you can benefit from every last character allowed. It’s combined with a list of category keywords, and 25 specialized niche pages for different niches so you can get even more information. A single page to plan all of your keywords at once? Why not! also offers a host of other free author tools such as a marketplace directory, as well as updated information on KENCP payouts and new articles every weefk on every aspect of the self-publishing experience. With detailed comparisons of book distributors, warnings about industry issues and scams, and new services being added weekly Publishing With Love seeks to become a resource unlike any other to empower authors to make it on their own, and become experts in the field without expensive courses or mumbo jumbo. Run by actual authors, with over 700 books between them, this is an incredible resource.