Is BlockChain Empowering The Digital Art Market?

Novelty and exclusivity are generally considered as the founding principles of originality in the field of arts. These principles, nevertheless, are generally challenged in the blockchain art market where the propagation of unauthorized digital copies makes it nearly impossible to prove the authenticity and ownership of the art collection in question.

The blockchain digital art market shows up as a long-sought solution for the digital art space that provides an amazing opportunity to not only bound the number of copies as intended by the artist but also comes up with exclusive non-fungible versions of the digital art collection. So, what actually makes this technology so impressive for the blockchain digital artist and their art collections?

First and foremost, blockchain technology and art platforms allow the artists to register the provenance information and copyrights for their art supporting scarcity and digital exclusivity. There are several different platforms that help artists issue certifications of authenticity for their work on the blockchain market. These services make use of the blockchain technology that helps secure records of ownership to validate the authenticity of the artwork.

To further support the authenticity of the artwork, digital exclusivity open doors to new business prospects for both collectors and artists. An artist can notice the continuous growth of numerous online portals to trade crypto-collectibles and digital art.

Some of the markets make it easier for the collectors to not only buy and sell the crypto assets and digital art with zero fees but also be able to manage the crypto-collectibles portfolio and obtain vita updates about the latest crypto-assets coming up.

One such portal is The portal allows visitors to check the art’s current market value, buy it, and then set a resale price on their own.  Once their price is matched by any other user, the ownership is transferred and the seller’s STH account gets credited. No digital assets or tokens are provided: the ownership is reflected by recording the transaction in the Ethereum blockchain.

Last but not least, the absolute nature of blockchain and an option to create unlimited fractions of each piece open blockchain contemporary art market to exclusive uses of technology. This practice greatly transforms the blockchain market to waves token wallet be collected and well-interacted within a new conceptual way.