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Indoor Cat Breed Guide for Cat Lovers

Indoor Cat Breed Guide for Cat Lovers

With the whole pandemic situation happening all around the world, a lot of people started to get into new things. Some started to practice indoor exercises or tried things like painting, meditating, producing music, or writing. Others started to catch up on series, programs, and videogames. Some people started to take care of plants, while others, decide to get a pet.

Pets, as well as plants, require three very specific things: care, love, and attention. If do not take care of them, they can get sick and might suffer from various complications. If you do not love them (especially pets) they might get depressed and, once again, fall ill.

Also, without love, taking care of them on a daily basis will become hard. And next, providing them with enough attention to notice small hints regarding their health, is also an important part of the process.

That is why taking care of something is not an activity that can be done by anyone. It is both a sacrifice and a blessing, and a lot of people find true happiness by being accompanied by small fellas.

When it comes to pets, there are multiple options. Dogs, being the most common ones. Rodents, reptiles, ant farms, and much more. But one is particularly good for the current situation of the world: cats.

They are rather independent, and most of them do not require as much attention because they are ok by themselves. Still, they can prove to be rather playful and filled with love. Of course, it depends entirely on how their personality develops during their life, but there is something to notice: a cat breed might play a huge factor in their personality.

That is why, if you are a first-time cat owner, we have decided to come up with a useful guide for cat breeds that are good for indoors, and how to approach the process of being a cat owner.

Picking a Breed: Persian


Known for is a medium-sized frame, these cats are not only beautiful but also elegant. They can live for a long time, with lifespans going from 10 to 15 years. Although it depends on the breed, 10 to 15 years are equal to 56 to 76 human years!


They frequently possess yellowish, orange-y fur, green or yellow eyes, and a flat face. They are known for having solid hunting instincts so that their lives outdoor are successful, but they do well inside a house as well.

Something to consider about the Persian breed is that, because of their short, small legs, their fur tends to get dirty easily, so having a clean environment can make the cleaning and grooming process much easier. Because of this, carpets might suffer the wrath of mats and fur tangles.

The good thing about this breed is that, although it can live indoors, you can take it for outdoor activities thanks to its adventurous personality. Just remember the little legs if you decide to do so, to now surprise yourself with a muddy coat of fur once you get home!

This is one of the many indoor breed options you have and is one of the most versatile since you can still enjoy outdoor activities with them as long as you are careful.

British Shorthair


A British Shorthair is a cuddly, usually dark, piece of fur. Although you can find them in many different fur colors, they are often grey or black, or a combination of light and dark. They can be medium or large-sized and can live from 12 to 17 years.

Known as a sturdy breed, they are considered by experts as the bulldog breed of cats. A British Shorthair might be the best choice for those who are busy and want an independent pet that can deal with being alone without any worries.

This breed is the usual stereotypical type of cat that can handle things on their own, and don’t require to be accompanied by other pets, or by their owners, for long periods of time. As long as they have enough water and food in an area they can access, they’ll be just fine.

With that said, they can accept the love you give them with ease, being really sociable being despite handling loneliness like mad lads. Because of their size and the length of their legs, they won’t have problems with their fur, in comparison to Persians.

Ragdoll Cats


This one is rather famous for its appearance since it is covered in white fur, with only certain areas being covered in darker colors, with them being their ears, tail, and face. They tend to have sparkly blue eyes as well.

As a large-sized feline, they can grow to be larger than the previously mentioned breeds and can live from 12 to 17 years. Still, in comparison to the two previous breeds, this one is known for being a fully indoor breed, considering how badly they perform outdoors. Still, you can always take them outside as long as they are under supervision.

Things to Consider.


If you decide to adopt a cat, you should really consider adoption beforehand. With this guide, you have a solid idea of what you can expect from each breed, but this shouldn’t stop you from housing a cat that already needs a home.

With this said, you should get your hands-on necessary things. Consider getting dry and wet cat food, a grooming kit, towels, shampoos, and soap, as well as a litter box with sand for cats. Bowls for water and food, and identification collar, and a tool for scratching as well. Some toys and snacks might also be good choices.

If you need help, you can always visit for a more complete guide on the things you might want to get.

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