Quiz Stickers

How To Use Quiz Stickers On Instagram Stories

Instagram stories stickers is a fun and great way to boost engagement. Similarly, quiz stickers on stories also use to draw the attention of the audience on this platform. Instagram always busy to roll out new features to the table to engage its users. It recently introduced its new quiz stickers for Instagram stories with 2 different poll stickers. The new quiz stickers are best for interactive Instagram stories that allow the users to add share trivia style questions with multiple choices to your followers and you can also track the results. When the user or your follower vote on your Quiz then they can see whether they got it right or not. You can also see how many people voted and how many votes each option got. So are you ready to take leverage this cool feature of Instagram? Today, we will talk about quiz stickers and how you can use them for your business and on your stories.

Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker for Business:

The Instagram story quiz stickers are also hit for businesses like Instagram’s interactive story stickers as they are a lot more different uses. For instance, brands or businesses can use quiz stickers to see how their followers know about their brand by asking some simple questions such as when they launched their first (popular one) product or how many countries they are working? Quiz sticker is also a great way to build excitement when it comes to businesses are going to launch their new product or certain campaigns. For example, they can ask their follower what will be our new product by sharing some hint in question. They can also gather feedback about their brand or businesses that help them to grow. The more you grow your brand, the more your get Instagram views with buying Instagram views.

Quiz Stickers

 Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker:

If you want to use quiz sticker on your stories, simply click on the quiz sticker button after uploading in taking imagery or video. Now give it a name and write the question and give some choices to answer. You can add two to four possible choices for the answer. When your follower responds to this quiz, the correct answer’s option will be highlighted with green color. When the same user who responded to your quiz watches your story again, he/she can see the newest top answer.

How to make quizzes:

Making quizzes is not a difficult thing to do. Simply tap the sticker tray in the upper right corner of your screen. If you are a regular Instagram user then you are familiar to it. Now add your quiz and some multiple answer choices to respond. Don’t use emojis for answers, write good and simple choices for it.

Final words:

The new interactive quiz stickers for Instagram stories is now a creative option for brands or businesses to get noticed, bolster their engagement by Instagram stories. Moreover, it is the smartest way to increase more views without buying Instagram views. Will you use these new quiz sticker on stories? Let us know in the comment box.