How to Find Work in Cyber Security in 2022?

How to Find Work in Cyber Security in 2022?

Do you dream of a big career fighting cybercrime? The cyber security profession is in high demand on a corporate scale. Are you up for the challenge?

Cyber security has grown in significance in recent years. While the mid-90s saw the first computers hosting the first websites, the mid 2020s are all about protecting the internet we have built. The human race has worked hard to amalgamate the entire sum of our knowledge into one convenient location. The expert architects who developed it probably didn’t think we’d use it to look at cat videos, but here we are.

Cyber security has grown alongside the World Wide Web to become and intrinsic part of office life. Without it, companies would not be able to store consumer data safely. Hackers would have full control of information subjected to the internet and we would be in a mire of false facts and broken promises. Better for the average employee is the starting salaries for cyber security roles. If you want to up your earning potential, a career fighting cybercrime could be just what you need.

What do Cyber Security Specialists Do?

Cyber Security specialists are the technicians that help protect data when it is in the virtual workspace. Every company worth its salt collects data on their consumers to better tailor the shopping experience. Cyber security specialists are responsible for constructing the software systems that keep that data safe. Cybercrime comes with a high price tag. Data breaches cost the UK economy £27bn per annum. In the US, ransomware alone costs an average of $9bn every year. The global cost of cybercrime is over $1 trillion and counting. It’s big business that makes big money. Worse, a cyber attack can destroy your businesses hard-earned reputation.

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Cyber security specialists examine your company’s defences for places of potential breach. They then construct safer systems to house your data. Cyber security systems must be maintained and continually improved, so it makes perfect sense for high-tech companies to employ cyber security specialists full-time.

What Industries are Hiring Cyber Security Professionals?

This demand for cyber security professionals means that more and more industries require their services. Some of those that are notorious for seeking the assistance of cyber security specialists include healthcare professionals, higher education facilities, and even energy companies. As demand increases, freelance cyber security technicians are working hand-in-hand with small businesses, helping them to protect the perceived vulnerability they have to cyber-attacks.

The issue small businesses have is that they don’t invest the same funds into cyber security defences as big companies do. This makes them prime targets for hackers who want to steal consumer data. At the moment, it is tech, engineering, consulting, and data storage firms which require the most help from cyber security specialists.

Some of the top companies hiring cyber security technicians include Deloitte, PWC, EY, and Jacobs Engineering. Here in the UK, data protection has become its own industry, with many cyber security firms up and coming as consultants.