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How To Enhance Your Health Status By Using Latest Technologies?

Everyone’s health status is depriving day by day because of increasing pressure and tension among our youngsters. But no more compromises because if there is no health, there is no life! So, why not go for an alternative? We need some peace in our rushy routine, and there is no better solution than ASMR content. On the other hand, we also need to keep track of our fitness routine. Right? So, what are you doing about it? I think the best tracker that can record your routine and remind you about your schedule can only be a smartwatch. These smart tracking devices come at very hefty prices, and you might not be in the condition to spend on it. So, why do you not make your own fitness tracker by using your smart watch? It would be a great plan to utilize your device in a very productive manner.

So, read more to know the tips for doing more for your health.

What Is Asmr?

ASMR, i.e., Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is content with the sole purpose of giving you a soothing and peaceful feeling. This is basically a sensation that proceeds from your neck to your legs. It is more like a feeling when someone gets closer and murmur in your ears, you feel your skin prickling, and a pleasurable sensation goes down to your spine. Ultimately, you feel your body getting relaxed, and you enjoy the essence of calmness.

Every person has a different triggering stimulus that is produced by a particular sound. And so, people feel peaceful by listening to specific types of sounds. As some prefer murmuring, and others get trigger by sounds of tapping. YouTube is filled with ASMR content, and its worth is outgrowing among this generation.

What Contributes To Making Good Asmr Content?

ASMR content demands a very high precision because even a little amount of noise can ruin it all in no time. So, you have to be more cautious if you are an ASMRtist. When it comes to choosing your video’s sound genre, I will recommend you to make videos on something that inspired you to be an ASMRtist. You just need an ASMR microphone and your mobile phone, and so you are good to go!

How Asmr Tingles With Your Brain?

ASMR knows how to play with your brain and make you feel peaceful. But understand that these ASMR triggers are not for everyone. Some people will watch a video in which an ASMRtist is murmuring or crumpling a paper; he might be like, what an insane video because not everyone can relate to such videos. On the other hand, ASMR watchers can tell you how it feels like listening to such soft and gentle sounds.

ASMR tingles with your brain and helps in minimizing headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. By listening to particular triggering sounds, you feel relax and peaceful, and it also helps you in sleeping. These sounds include some peculiar sounds like paper crumpling, swishing book pages, combing your hair, painting with a brush, tapping on some surfaces, eating chips, slurping drinks, and whatnot. Many people just love to watch videos of someone murmuring with a closeup.

So, watching ASMR content will help you in reviving your mental health only if you feel a triggering sensation with a particular sound.

How To Make A Wearable Fitness Tracker?

In order to enhance your health status, it is necessary to maintain your fitness regimes. But keeping track of your fitness routine can be somehow messy, so you must have a tracker that can keep a record of your exercising activities. If you have a smart watch, the rest is much more comfortable!

You will not have to make a fitness tracker if you have a smart watch that comes with a built-in fitness tracker and many other features, including calories’ count, sleep patterns, heart rate, and much more. These smartwatches work after connecting them to a particular smartphone. If your smart watch does not have a built-in fitness tracker, then you can make one. So, let us head towards the way to make your wearable fitness tracker by using your smart watch:

Nfc Enabled Smart Patch Design

This NFC enabled smart patch is specifically designed to monitor fitness. This smart patch can easily stick to your skin, and know that it is highly durable and flexible. An NFC enabled display minimizes the cost and weight by operating the display of your smartphone. Also, there is low power consumption with it, and this design is equipped with a powered-battery for continuous monitoring.

Microchip Design

Health Status

The microchip design that we use in designing a wearable fitness tracker comes with a wearable pedometer with an LED display with low power consumption. This chip can be worn just like your smart watch and easily fit on your small wrist. This design is packed with a powered battery of 3 volts and allows communication with a connected device using a low amount of energy.

Nps Fitness Tracker Design

NPS fitness tracker design works accurately to monitor your fitness regimes. It is specifically designed for fitness athletes and considered a low-cost monitoring design. You can perform multiple functions with this type of fitness tracker, including tracking calories, monitoring heart rate, breathing rate, speed, and distance covered.

For its buildup, you must know that it comes with a USB, timer, graphical display, chronometer, wireless communication, a capacitive touch sensing interface, and a micro SD card that is used to store data. This tracker design is fabricated on an MCF51MM256 32 bits MCU and a 3-axis Accelerometer, and it manages very low power consumption.


As I have said before that there is no compromise over health so you must be aware that how to overcome the shortcomings in your health and do live better. So, to deal with the mental health problems, you can count on ASMR content and likewise to maintain for fitness routine, make yourself a wearable fitness tracker by utilizing your smart watch. I hope this will ameliorate your health regimes to a great extent and if you want more guidance on it, you can visit us at