ECom Turbo Review: The Only Shopify Theme That You Will Ever Need

Shopify stores can only thrive with the right tools and features. Since the only thing that speaks to customers when they visit an online store is the theme, one must get the ultimate marketing theme that will surely maximize your earnings. This is the eCom Turbo review, and we will tell you why this is the right marketing tool for you.

Honest eCom Turbo Review

We will not give you the nitty-gritty spiel on why the eCom Turbo should be your main Shopify Store theme. As a quick and full review, we will just tell you why it worked for us and why it will definitely work for you.

If you want the complete details on the eCom Turbo review, we will recommend you to another site for that. You should check it out after this article.

eCom Turbo Features:

Here are the reasons why the eCom Turbo is probably one of the best, if not the perfect yet, theme available for any Shopify store. These are based on our usage, and the impressive result that we have gained over the course of time we used this theme.


If there is anything more valuable to a person, it is time. Fortunately, this is where the eCom Turbo shines brightly. It is optimized to load faster than most themes, so there is very little to zero chance that a potential customer will click away.

Scarcity Timer

The thought of missing out on something important really does affect a buyer’s psychology. So this built-in scarcity timer can trigger that effect, causing a positive response to your product as an online seller.

It is human nature to get anxious about time and the scarce availability of a product that we want. So in order to not miss the chance of purchasing that product, most of us just blindly click on the “Buy” button.

Call to Action

One of the old strategies that many websites have used is the Call-To-Action feature. It is one tested feature that creates response and interaction.

With eCom Turbo, this feature is strategically placed inside the theme to make it more noticeable and more prominent when it really matters. And if you feel that you can change and improve the CTA placement, you can always adjust and edit the theme anytime you want.

Trust Badges

Online scams are a thing nowadays. The one thing that puts a buyer to make a buying decision is to make him or her see some signs that the store can be trusted.

This is where the Trust Badges will come in handy. All you have to do is add this simple feature with a few clicks, and you are set.

Email Collector

A business’ most valuable asset that keeps it afloat and thriving is with repeat customers. And to do that, a seller must always have contact with old buyers and even old visitors.

The Email Collector feature will do this for your Shopify store. This way, you will be able to send invites and promos for all of your clients and potential customers to give them more reasons to return and make purchases.

One-Time Fee

The best part about this eCom Turbo review is that we get to boast about its pricing on top of its features. This profitable investment costs us only $97.00 for our single store. Right now, we are in the middle of establishing another Shopify Store, and we will purchase another eCom Turbo theme to power our sales strategy.


For an investment that is barely a hundred dollars, the eCom Turbo is definitely a steal. And if you want to boost all your sales on Shopify, this gem right here is a treasure worth keeping.