Does it Matter Where You Buy Supplements

If you’re into fitness and general healthy living, there’s no doubt you’re aware of supplements and how they provide a boost to performance if taken correctly.

Supplements are most commonly available in powdered, capsule, or oil forms. It’s a vast market with products for all needs sold by a wide range of sellers online and offline in Canada.

This saturation leads to the question of whether it matters where you buy your supplements. The answer is yes, and for a good number of reasons. This article will give you a basic rundown of what supplements are and how to find an excellent seller to source your supplements to make sure you don’t risk your money and wellbeing.

What Counts as a Supplement?


The general definition of supplements is, ‘products taken by mouth that contain a dietary ingredient.’ Dietary ingredients can range from vitamins, proteins, minerals, and more. You can use supplements in conjunction with a regular diet to either compensate for dietary ingredients absent from your diet or boost physiological functions to enhance and improve body mass.

Based on what kind of supplement you’re looking for, the seller will change as well. Suppose you’re looking to supplement your current diet so that your body gets proper nutrition. In that case, you can source your supplements from pharmacies or services that sell various organic oils, capsules, and multivitamins.

If you’re into fitness and bodybuilding, the chances of you getting the right product is more if you source your supplements from a fitness store, gym, or any online store that sells fitness-focused supplements.

What to Look for in a Supplement Seller?

Before covering where to buy supplements, you must know what to look for in a supplement seller. If you source supplements from a shady vendor, chances are you will end up buying something detrimental to your health.

Here are a few signs to help indicate whether a supplement seller is legitimate or not:

  • Authorized supplement sellers only sell products approved by authoritative organizations such as the CFIA/Health Canada/GMP, potentially the FDA if the product is American, etc.
  • They’re licensed to purchase and distribute medicines, medical equipment, health and wellness products, and more.
  • They sell organic products.
  • They provide proper delivery and return policies.
  • They provide clear and concise product details through their websites, online stores, or on-spot employees.


If the supplement store you’re browsing meets all these criteria, you can confidently purchase from this vendor. If you see that most of these criteria are not applicable, you would be better off looking elsewhere.

Where to Buy?

Buying supplements straight from the source is the best option whenever possible. However, not all supplement manufacturers sell their products directly, opting for sales through authorized dealers. If that’s the case, buying from a third-party is not an issue as long as the manufacturer authorizes them.

Certain supplements are more regulated than others since taking them the wrong way or under the wrong conditions can trigger medical problems. One prime example of this is CBD supplements. While highly praised for their medical properties, certain CBD supplements contain trace amounts of THC, which can cause one to get high if taken at a higher dosage.

It’s usually a bad idea to buy cheap supplements on eBay, Amazon, or any second hand stores. Instead, it would help if you sourced them from a good pharmacy, fitness store, or a reputable online CBD store. In many smaller towns and cities, online marketing isn’t done correctly by authorized suppliers since most people know where to go if they need something.

If that’s the case, and you’re having a hard time finding sellers online, visit your local pharmacy and fitness store and see what they have to offer. More often than not, salespersons are highly knowledgeable of available products and suggest the best ones if you don’t recognize different brands.

Don’t Risk Your Health for a Cheap Deal

If you check supplement products from an adequately authorized seller, you’ll find that the prices are significantly higher than those found in eCommerce platforms and shady websites. Supplements aren’t cheap and are well worth the price. Buy your supplements from an authorized dealer to prevent health risks no matter what.