Converting Your PPT To PDF? A Piece of Cake with PDFBear

Converting Your PPT To PDF? A Piece of Cake with PDFBear

PDFBear is an online platform that enables you to manage your documents and even fix and organize them. With the world continually embracing technology, it will only be a matter of time when several industries will turn paperless, so online tools such as PDFBear would become in demand. Why? Well, PDFBear offers various features, including converting PPT to PDF free.


You will find many benefits of changing your file formats to PDF. One of them is that it is not easily modifiable once the file becomes a PDF file. In order to make some edits, an online tool is necessary to make it possible. Another thing to consider is the appearance of your document. PDF files display a neat and professional look that the corporate world embraces as the most preferred file format whenever transactions take place online.

PDFBear: Converting PPT to PDF

So how do you convert your PPT to PDF? Using PDFBear, here is how:

  1. Select the PowerPoint Presentation file that you need to change into PDF and upload it to the online application.
  2. PDFBear will begin the conversion process shortly.
  3. Once done, you can also make additional edits.
  4. Your file is readily available for saving and sharing.

In these few simple steps, you can change the file format of your document. To add, the quality and content of your files remain intact. PDFBear also assures you of your privacy. You can guarantee that your file is only accessible by you and no one else. Plus, the system gets rid of your files after an hour, hence ensuring your safety in using this web-based tool.

Are you wondering, what if your file format is not PPT? Don’t fret; PDFBear also supports PPTX formats. Plus, it is not merely PPT formats that PDFBear can convert and turn to PDF files. You can also use PDFBear to convert Word, Excel, JPG, and HTML files to PDFs. Additionally, you can also convert your PDF files into one of those formats.

Benefits Of Converting Your PPT To PDF

After creating your PPT files, you might change your file format to PDF before sending it to another party. In doing so, it will majorly reduce the file size, which is hugely convenient for you. Email applications such as Gmail have a transfer file limit of 25MB. Other email applications have a smaller file transfer limit. Hence, upon the file reduction, attaching the file has become faster. You might have to split a number of files to later merge them; you can use for this job.

As already mentioned, when you turn your PPT into PDF files, you can no longer make edits that easily. Thus, PDF files provide you enough security for your file content upon file transfers. This is advantageous when you want to maintain your files’ data even after sending it to your colleagues. It can also be a valuable feature when you need to present the document to an audience. Imagine the dilemma you will have in your hand if you are in the middle of presenting and find that your document’s slide or portion got altered. Gratefully, with PDFBear, you can now convert your PPT to PDF and ensure that your file’s contents remain the same.

Is It Always Necessary To Convert To PDF?

While PDF files are very beneficial, you can choose not to convert your documents to PDF unless you deem them necessary. For PPT files, consider before changing your file format, as the animations you would like to display will not be available when you convert your file to PDF. With this in mind, any content outside of your slide will not appear on the converted PDF file. This includes the notes that you may have for each slide. Hence, upon conversion, only the contents within the slides will appear on the converted file.

PDFBear For You

There are many online tools available for you to use, to offer various features in handling your documents online. However, if you want to find the best tool that can provide you with the best experience, PDFBear is the perfect tool for that.

With PDFBear, you can access its varying features without worrying about having to pay anything. It is accessible for free, and no need to input any personal information to access the web-based tool fully. Additionally, you won’t get lost in exploring the application as it has easy to follow steps for every feature available on the platform which you can follow to use the app.

PDFBear can cater to several document formats. Whether you wish to convert, merge, split, repair, etc., PDFBear is here for you. Whether you need it for your business, work, or school, you can access PDFBear wherever and whenever you wish to. Thus, PDFBear is available for everyone, both old and young.