Cloud Based Project Management Software Vs Non Cloud Options

Intro: When choosing software for your project management one of the big decisions you face is should you go cloud based or non-cloud based. Here we look at the options

One of the questions many project managers find themselves facing when they are looking at project management software is should they opt for cloud based or non-cloud based?

The answer is, of course, that is really does depend; every business will have a different requirement that requires a different solution. Ultimately, what you should be considering are what are your primary concerns, budget, security or perhaps collaboration requirements.

Rather than considering whether you should be looking at cloud vs non cloud the better way to look at it is features you need vs features you don’t need, these are things that may have been covered in a project management training course.


No matter what type of software you are looking at, you need to consider the costs. On site systems, non-cloud based, carry significant upfront costs, however, over time the cost of this option will become lower and this is worth considering. Cloud based alternatives will have a subscription that you will need to consider. This may be either monthly or annually, and whilst there is no larger upfront cost this is a constant so it is important to think of how this might affect your budget in the long term.

Many companies do find that once they have looked at figures a cloud-based system will suit them better on a cost basis. This is simply because they do not have the kind of money available to meet those initial costs of a non-cloud-based alternative.


The benefits of project training mean that you should already be full conversant with just how important it is to choosing something that offers you the right level of security for your project. When it comes to cloud vs non-cloud there is no difference at all in the hardware that you use.

The majority of companies, especially larger ones, prefer to be able to host any valuable data that they might have including customer data and confidential documentation behind their own firewalls. Cloud software can however be just as secure as a non-cloud-based system. The main difference between the two different types isn’t in fact security at all but control or the idea of being in control.

When you have onsite software, you accept control for the system and everything that it contains, if you choose a cloud-based system the vendor has control of the system and is entrusted with any data that you place on it.

Customisation and integration

Your biggest priority, depending on the industry that you work in, may be the integrating of any project management software that you have with other software that you have or in some cases customising it in order to ensure that it fits in with your own specific requirements. You should make sure that you identify exactly what it is you want to do with it so that you can make the most appropriate choice.