Check Out Benefits Of Android Mobile Development

With the 21st century bringing in a host of technological advances, there are certain arenas where need for a specialised and common mobile platform is required. In this respect there are a number of platforms available, be it Android, iOS or any other platform, the need for joining all these is very important. In that context, the need for android mobile development is increasing to a great extent.

The presence of high end handsets makes it possible for users to get access to various computer applications. With Android, mobile technology has improved to a great extent. There are many versions of Android phones available in the market as:

Aspects to remember:

  • The apps in android must be incorporated with more than a single application module. There are a number of services and activities associated with it.
  • Since each of these components act on a separate note hence these modules are to be activated in a separate manner. While the process of android application development is going on all these aspects are to be kept in mind.
  • It is important that each of these files should declare components that are associated with the hardware.
  • It is important that developers build up separate layout files that are associated with different screen sizes.

Benefits of android mobile apps:

  • There are different libraries in case of such android phones that specifically offer 3D and 2D images. Apart from that there are other set areas for images, audio and video.
  • Android phones have Interprocess communication or IPC facility.
  • There are a number if features such as magnetometer, accelerometer, camera, GPS and Touchscreen facility.
  • Data transfer across different mobile platforms become easier.
  • For storing data, there is presence of SQLite.

Describing PhoneGap:

This is a cross platform mobile development network that is used for creating applications on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows, Palm and Symbian. In this case, HTML and JavaScript languages are used for further development. It has Apache Cordova as its underlying software.

android.jpg (600×218)

While development and usage of this, developers are given a chance to work with camera, accelerometer, GPS and other tools.

As it is the most wanted network in this arena of cross platform connection, hence it is important to check out certain important issues associated with it.

Advantages of PhoneGap:

  • Rather than a host of dense programming languages, this requires immediate knowledge of general computer languages as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Phone apps in this regard can be easily developed and installed within a short time.

However, with PhoneGap, plugin has to be integrated by the developer himself and also less usage of graphics are to be made.

With these aspects kept in mind, it has become very easy to make sure that cross platform mobile application development reaches a completely new level of efficiency.

Thus, it is best that specific research is carried on in this zone for betterment of technology.

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