Can Technology Help Improve Business Communications: What Experts Say?

Can Technology Help Improve Business Communications: What Experts Say?


In this age of technology, it is really confusing to ask the question, “Can technology help improve business communications?” There is no doubt that technology is improving our life and so business communications. And in order to clear the doubt, you can go through Syniverse.


But if we dig a little deeper, we will also get to know that, on the other hand, it is also affecting our lives in the wrong aspects. Everything comes with its goods and bad. And the same way, technology also has some positive and negative impacts on business communication.

Can Technology Help Improve Business Communications?

So, now is the time to find the answer to the question, “Can technology help improve business communications?” And in order to do that, we need to look at the positive and negative of technology.

Positives Effects of Technology in Business Communications

Firsts start with the positive aspects that the improvement of modern technology has offered us and improves the arena of business communications.

Communication Between Business And Customers

For any collaborative process, proper communication is the key to success. And when it involves a large number of people, maintaining effective communication becomes tough.


Here the advancement of technology comes with some tools like customer relationship management or CRM that helps you in maintaining meaningful relationships with your customers.

Streamline Operation Throughout The Organization

Business communication does not only mean building communication with your customers but also establishing effective communication within the organization. Some software of project management or many internal portal systems will help your employees to communicate effectively with each other.

These will fill out the communication gaps between different departments. One no need to wait for the information from another department. The concerned persons can access the information by themselves.

Though these are the major benefits that you should consider while talking about the effect of technology in business communications. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data processing making the communication between customers and businesses easier and effective.

Negative Effects Of Technology In Business Communications

Now is the time to get the knowledge about the dangerous side of technology that is impacting business communications as well.

Increased Distractions At Work

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. There are several numbers of social media sites that are the gifts of technology advancement. These have the potential to distract the employees while at work.

Apart from these social media sites, there are also some business dedicated communication tools like Slack that can be as destructive as the previous ones were. As the employees can use private channels for sharing memes or other non-work-related articles.

All these things keep the employee distracted for a short time. But any negative news on social media also can impact their productivity and hamper the mood of the employee.

Employees Have More Access To Information

You probably may be wondering if this point was also on the list of positive aspects of technology on business communications. Then what is it doing in the negative aspects of business communication?

Well, as I have told you earlier, everything comes with a good side and a bad side. There is no doubt that technology has made the data sharing option easier. So in order to access any data, you no longer need to wait for the permission of another department.

But on the other hand, the employees are getting access to more data, and it also can cause illegal sharing of data. Data breaching is one of the most popular digital hazards nowadays. And the advanced implemented technology in business communications is responsible for it.

What Experts Say?

From the above discussion, it is now clear that at the same time, technology is offering its positives and negatives to business communications. And there is no doubt that the negatives are responsible for the shortcomings that we are facing. So, it is totally upon us whether we will use the negatives and affect the business communications or apply the positives and improve the business communications.