BMF Media

BMF Media: Successfully Humanizing Brands

With over 15 years in the marketing industry, BMF Media has a respectable amount of industry experience. At the same time, the company is also still relatively young, which is why its extensive and growing list of major brands is impressive. Despite only being in the field for just over a decade, it has inspired the loyalty of major brands like Colgate, Uber, Toyota, and many more.

BMF Media plans on expanding its reach and clientele in 2019 with their successful brand marketing strategies. To understand the company’s upwards trajectory, it is important to learn about the numerous projects they have employed on behalf of their clients.

FX Networks

Television producers Ryan Murphy, Steven Canals, and Brad Falchuk teamed up with FX Networks to create Pose, a drama that focuses on the ballroom culture in the LGBTQ community during the late 1980s. It premiered on June 3, 2018 to critical and commercial success, with a new season premiering in June 2019.

FX partnered with BMF Media to create a memorable premiere event that would allow the consumers to engage with the show’s cast, messages, and themes. This event was called The House Pose Vogue Ball, which took place at the Harlem Parish in New York City.

  • BMF and FX worked to create an event that celebrated self-expression and community, while combining social media interactivity with investment in the show’s characters and story.
  • The ball included participation from numerous houses, as well as the show’s cast members. A Portrait Studio by Rony Alwin captured moments from the event and made them shareable to social media.
  • The social medial hashtag #Pose4Love encouraged audience members to spread positive messages about the LGBTQ community by writing messages on a wall.
  • Certain scenes from the show were adapted in the event so the audience could engage further with the series. This is also a demonstration of BMF Media’s unique ability to use storytelling in their marketing services.


BMF Media and Dell have engaged in a long, fruitful business partnership that involves the planning and execution of Dell’s product showcase and keynote events, which take place in the United States and worldwide. Using advanced marketing data and core insights, BMF has taken on the challenge in creating unique, captivating events that encapsulate the innovation of Dell’s products and present them in a memorable way.

BMF’s relationship with Dell originates from the global retail event known as Dell@Retail. Ever since then, BMF has crafted experiences that center on attracting a large guest flow, creating interactive opportunities with the highlighted product, and displaying the efficiency of Dell’s technological solutions.

One of BMF Media’s most recent and noteworthy collaborations took place in 2018 for the Dell Cinema campaign. The company took advantage of Los Angeles’s long history with film and the cinematic industry to create a three-day event that showcased over 100 products. Memorable displays included large, floating laptops that worked as film projectors and interactive gaming displays.

Born This Way Foundation

Another multi-year client and partner of BMF Media, The Born This Way Foundation is a non-profit organization created by musician Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, in 2011. The foundation’s goal is to empower young people, inspiring greater awareness and encouragement of mental health, and create a “kinder and brave world” in general.

In order to assist in promoting the foundation’s mission, BMF has created several cultural experiences and meaningful events that connect participants to the mission statement. Some of BMF Media’s contributions to this long partnership include:

  • An activation event during the Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour, where guests wrote and shared messages of kindness through interactive thought bubbles. A partnership with Staples and Minted allowed the companies to share bubbles via their website and greeting cards, respectively.
  • A Born this Way Foundation tour bus that visited local shopping centers, college campuses, concerts, fairs, and more.
  • An event in the Today store in 30 Rockefeller Center that promoted charitable acts, like lunch bag decoration for Kids Food Basket, letter writing to veterans and hospitalized children, and loose change donation to support a variety of philanthropic organizations and causes.

BMF Media continues to expand in different locales and partnerships as time goes on. The company’s focus on interactive experiences and media integration continue to make it a top choice for top brands in the years to come.