Best 20 Tips For WordPress Gallery Plugin

Best 20 Tips For WordPress Gallery Plugin

Searching for the best-suited WordPress gallery plugin for your studio site? From displaying portfolio images to posting blog posts, WordPress gallery plugins are amazing to get everything done. Being a lot more flexible, these plugins come in a bunch of handy features that you can utilize to build a visually stunning Image Gallery. In this article, we’ve collected the best tips to follow while choosing a WordPress Image Gallery  Plugin. So, let’s get right into that.

#1 Budget-Friendly

Building an image gallery website from scratch can be costly for a startup. If your budget is tight, don’t go for expletive gallery plugins. Instead, choose a premium or pro gallery plugin that fits your budget perfectly. You can also choose free plugin versions with limited features and save your money.

#2 Custom-Designed Templates

You should look for gallery plugins that come with a few pre-designed gallery template styles. These pre-designed templates make it easier to customize your WordPress image gallery according to your taste.

#3 Responsive Design

Make sure that the WordPress gallery plugin comes with responsive gallery template designs. Being adaptable to any type of display size is very important. In this way, your WordPress site will open on any type of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

#4 Visual Customization Options

Being able to customize image gallery website layouts is very important for any website owner. The gallery plugin must have user-friendly tools with amazing visual customization options so that you can customize the website layouts from time to time. This helps the site look fresh and appealing to the audience.

#5 Gallery Layout Options

Having a few gallery template designs isn’t enough to run a successful WordPress site. So, the gallery plugin should offer super-trendy gallery layout options to create a unique-looking image gallery.

#6 Lightboxes

Lightboxes in the gallery plugin can help your gallery images and forms look very cool. This is a great technique to overlay eye-catch design patterns on the images to make them pop. This helps in displaying your gallery images right on top of the website.

#7 Drag-and-Drop Builder

Every gallery template plugin should have a drag-and-drop builder so that the site owner can customize the design layout with ease. All you have to do is simply drag the image that you want to post and drop it in the image gallery to upload.

#8 Imgae Optimization

The WordPress gallery plugin should have an automatic image optimizer to optimize the size and resolution of gallery images before uploading.

#9 Image Resizing

Image resizing via image compression and image optimization is very important to improve a WordPress site’s load time. The gallery plugin should bring the best image resizing tools to handle bulk images both offline and online.

#10 Multiple Galleries

Once you start growing your WordPress site, you would require to manage multiple galleries. The plugin should come with advanced features so that you can easily self-manage multiple galleries with lesser effort.

#11 Video Uploading

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The gallery plugin should let you upload both images and videos so that your blogs and posts look lively on your image gallery website. This is a great way to attract the audience right away.

#12 Audio

The plugin should come with features that allow you to autotune the audios that you wish to incorporate in your blogs and videos.

#13 Social Media Sharing

Check if the WordPress gallery plugin has social media sharing options. In this way, you can easily share your site contents directly on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

#14 Site Management Tools

You should have complete control over all site management tools that come with the image gallery plugin. So, check what facilities and features you are getting to help you improve your site performance.

#15 eCommerce Integration

The gallery template plugin should be compatible with other WooCommerce plugins so that you can easily manage various plugins on your own. In this way, you can grow your digital sales and attract global consumers to your studio site.

#16 Use Watermark/Brand’s Logo

The gallery plugin should use specific watermarks or your brand’s logo to protect your unique artworks and portfolio images from being duplicated.

#17 User-Friendliness

As a non-technical person, you might find it difficult to use a WordPress gallery plugin at first. So, the plugin should be user-friendly so that you feel easy while using it.

#18 Frequent Updates

Confirm if the gallery plugin supports the latest WordPress site version or not. Also, confirm from the plugin developers if the plugin receives a frequent enhancement to boost performance.

#19 Free Support Guide & Tutorials

The plugin should come with a service support guide along with free video tutorials about how to integrate it with WordPress and WooCommerce. This will help you greatly, especially if you are a first-time user.

#20 24/7 Support Facility

What happens when your image gallery website crashes or the gallery plugin stops working? So, check if the gallery plugin developers offer you a 24/7 support facility or not.