Beauty and Performance in the Honor 90

Beauty and Performance in the Honor 90

Beauty is the innate pursuit of human beings. Now modern people pay more and more attention to the appearance level of mobile phones when they buy mobile phones. On the other way, excellent phone configuration is also a must-have necessity. The new product honor 90 5g is the latest generation of Honor Digital series products, the model the aesthetic model as a design concept, the integration of technology, art, and fashion beauty, to bring young consumers a flagship experience leading the smartphone industry. In this blog, we’ll discuss what aspects can we choose a fashionable phone both with aesthetic design and powerful configuration.

The Combination of Aesthetic Design and Powerful Configuration


Simplicity in Luxury. The exterior design inspiration of Honor 90 comes from high-end customized jewelry, which forms a crisscrossing maze. This exquisite maze maximizes light and shadow. Therefore, when people appreciate its appearance, they will feel a sense of luxury, this feeling does not make people feel strong, but it also gives them a sense of determination. The Honor 90 uses a 6.7-inch full-bore screen and has excellent visual effects. The phone’s weight is 183g and thickness is 7.8mm, thanks to its new suspended quad-curved fitting process. This makes it perfectly suitable for your hand. The Honor 90 is available in three color schemes: Diamond Silver, Emerald Green, and Midnight Black, each with a unique shine and texture to meet the aesthetic needs of different users.


As the first mobile phone in the world to receive the TÜV Rheinland flicker-free and risk-free dimming certification, Honor 90 5g is leading the industry into the “risk-free dimming era”. The Honor 90 also supports 400-level brightness adjustment, which automatically adjusts screen color and brightness based on ambient light. In this way, 400-level dimming will make the display more visually comfortable. In addition, the Honor 90 screen supports the new 3840Hz pulse width modulation, and 5x dimmer eye protection to ensure smooth and clear images and sensitive and smooth operation.


The Honor 90 is powered by the Snapdragon 7Gen1 (Enhanced) processor, reaching a new level with its excellent performance. The power of Honor 90 lies in its WIFI 6 function, which provides a fast-browsing experience, allowing users to browse and read content anytime and anywhere on a smooth network. On the other hand, Honor 90 5g is equipped with a 5000mAh large battery and supports 66W fast charge, which can be filled with 80% in half an hour, the battery life is strong, so it can greatly meet the needs of users for leisure, entertainment, and daily use. Ensure that users reduce power loss during use, enabling the device to maintain smooth phone usage throughout the day. Through automatic scene recognition, precise power control can be achieved throughout the entire process, meeting users’ needs for mobile phone batteries and reducing battery life limitations.



The biggest highlight of the Honor 90 phone is the image, which is equipped with an ultra-clear main camera, a depth camera, and an ultra-wide macro camera. In addition to this, there are some very interesting features, such as mobile photos, users can broadcast live after taking a photo, and users can record life in this form; You can also use emojis to create freely and bring joy to life; Finally, there are instant films, innovative forms that can arouse people’s desire to create. This innovative way of taking photos and powerful shooting functions not only ensure the photo quality of the mobile phone but also inspire users to create.


The product Honor 90 is a beautiful, performance, image in one of the mobile phones, whether it is appearance design, screen quality, running speed, or photography effect, can bring the flagship experience to the user. It has a high-cost performance in the same price segment and is worth buying. Thanks for reading!

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