AR Services to Keep Home Education Going During Lockdown

AR Services to Keep Home Education Going During Lockdown

The world is in lockdown. All major institutions and industries have almost come to a standstill. The education sector is no exception, with schools, colleges, and universities being shut for an indefinite period of time. In this dire situation, online learning has become a buzzword as schools scramble to keep pace with predetermined academic calendars.

For parents and teachers alike, this can be a challenge as not everyone is equipped with the necessary online resources, high-speed internet connectivity. Some may also face power outages in their localities. Augmented reality services for education can offer meaningful solutions in this regard.

Education, Anywhere and Everywhere

AR educational content can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This is, perhaps, the biggest advantage of the technology. All one has to do is use their smartphone or tablet, start the camera on their device and hold it in front of an object to access information on it. This also means that students can now pursue their personal interests with greater freedom, that too at their own learning pace.

Augmented Reality Service in Australia

AR/VR services in education combine digital information and the physical environment of the user to produce an enhanced and immersive experience. But, how can education benefit from an AR solution? Of the wide variety of potential applications for AR technology in a child’s learning process, the following stand out:

Schools can take advantage of AR app development by Zeal AR to offer their students a “virtually real” explanations for the topics being studied.

An augmented reality system can make the study of difficult concepts and facts, especially those in physics, biology or chemistry, much simpler.

Complicated fields of study that require practical demonstrations, such as, medical surgery, simulation practices, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, can be made more accessible and comprehensible through AR learning.

Students can now visualize the topics they are being taught through the use of interactive learning materials. It is easier for them to retain information learned in a game-like environment, as they can relate to it more than the dry and drab learning environments of conventional classrooms.

AR service providers across the country, are offering their services so that the havoc wreaked by the novel coronavirus, and the resultant social distancing, can be mitigated to some extent. The significance of education to our society and the young minds who shape it, cannot be underestimated.

AR Learning Motivates

AR classrooms have already proven how students feel more motivated in a learning environment that makes the content accessible to them. Visual and interactive learning material, through augmented reality experiences, are just the right blend to keep young minds hooked to learning.

The above fact is also borne out by scientific research that shows how the digital content, currently in vogue, can enhance a user’s visual and auditory skills. With the monotony of lockdown in full flow, AR education will make students’ everyday life more interesting. learning more engaging.