Apex Legends

9 Tips to Improve Your Play in Apex Legends

In addition to being filled with skillful players, Apex Legends is a much faster battle royale experience. With that in mind, it might be hard especially for newer players to adjust to its pace while aiming in frantic shootouts. There are a few things you can do to improve your aim in Apex legends. Here are 9 tips as well as Apex hacks to improve your play in Apex Legends.

9 Tips to Improve Your Play in Apex Legend

Choose The Right Weapons

In Apex Legends, weapons are created differently. Their strength depends on the current patch. At first, I used to think that the best close-range weapon was the R-99 submachine gun. However, I later came to learn that Charge Rifles also do the trick. BTW, if you see the latter, do your team a favor by choosing it. It’s seemingly the best gun in Apex Legends right now.

In addition to selecting the right weapon, you must know how to properly use them. I would recommend that you save your best weapons for last and always set a goal of 1,500 damages a game.

Close The Door Behind You

In Apex Legends, you win by learning how to use the map to your advantage. That means doing whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing equipment in your legend’s kit, to ensure you close the door behind you. Failing to close the door makes it easy for enemies to engage you from outside. If you manage to enter a building to loot or heal at peace, always remember to shut the door.

Understand Your Character’s Movement

As you’ll learn from battlelog.co, this is a key Apex hack. In Apex Legends, building your way out of a sticky situation is an effort in futility. To control a battle, you must utilize cover along the way to close the gap between you and your opponents. If you don’t understand your characters’ movement you’re a sitting duck. Instead of running in a straight line, slide for a second, jump, sprint, in a nutshell, be unpredictable.

Be Aggressive

In Apex Legends, always play to fight; don’t play to win the game. This is because the player who wins the game at the end of the day is the one with the most experience in combat. Take as many fights as you can since it’s the only way to ensure you win the final circle. Apart from fights, this game will reward your aggressiveness and ability to take the most advantageous fights.

Work As A Team

Here teamwork makes the dream work. There’s strength in numbers and communication and trust are vital if you want to improve in this game. Even though you won’t always agree with your teammate’s decisions, follow through with their play. The outcome will be better than going solo.

Make Use Of The Firing Range

There are loads of elements you can use to practice before playing Apex Legends. From short-range to long-range tracking, you can always warm up in a range that you would prefer before starting your match. Practicing your aim in Apex Legends isn’t easy or fun, but if done right and consistently it can make a noticeable improvement.

Center Your Screen

As said, Apex Legends is a very fast game. You just move your mouse to cope with its breakneck speeds. Centering the screen to where you’re focusing is something we all forget from time to time. However, it’s very important in find the opponent squad during a battle. Get used to constantly keep what you’re focusing on in the center of your panel and your play in Apex Legends will tremendously improve.

Finding The Perfect Mouse Sensitivity

This may be a bit tricky to act on and depends on your setup and preference. Apex Legends lets you change your mouse sensitivity while aiming down sights. You may be tempted to copy your mentor streamer’s settings but purpose to do it your way. You only get to refine your settings through constant training and setting your mouse sensitivity to a comfortable level. This will help you to have greater control over your movement.

Use Zip lines If Outnumbered

Apex Legends game has some buildings that have vertical zip-lines. Players that zipline can easily kill opponents that are cabling up. The ziplines are one of the best locations to take on your enemies one by one especially when outnumbered.

Parting Shot…

Apex Legends may have been in existence for more than we can remember. However, there are always varied ways to improve. These 9 tips to improve your play in Apex Legends will help you rack up wins and one day they’ll bring in that glorious XP. Cheers!