8 Best Tips for Fully Furnishing Your Condo 

8 Best Tips for Fully Furnishing Your Condo 

There comes a time in your life when you get to keep a condo unit of your own. Having a place all to yourself is something that many people dream of, especially after almost a year spent indoors where a lot of daydreaming happens.

If you managed to get one recently, you might be all giddy to have it fully furnished and decked out. Before impulsively going out and buying from excellent furniture thrift stores, it would certainly not hurt to do a little research on how you could have your condo fully furnished the right way.

Maximize the Limited Space

In reality, condo units may come with limited space. But that is okay! With just a little imagination for furnishing plans, you can have a very comfortable home once you get to organize first. Here are some of the most helpful tips for your new condo.

Don’t Forget to Decorate the Entryway

All sorts of living spaces will have an entryway, big or small. It is where you first receive and welcome guests or anyone you would be inviting to your home. Astonishingly, furnishing or decorating this part of the house often gets neglected despite its importance.

It is essential to note that you do not have to overdo the planning on this part of the house. All you need is a good set of elements that will make it welcoming. A good set of tiles, a shoe rack or coat rack near the door, or even propping up mirrors in the hallway that leads inside the house are great additions as they make the whole entryway look more spacious than it is. Decorative items would suit here as well. A simple lamp or a vase would usually suffice.

Up Your Living Room Game

The living room is the part of your condo where you will enjoy the real decorating and furnishing bit.

Setting up your living room will depend on the overall space in your condo. You can place a convertible sofa bed which can double as a bed or as a sofa. Give a chance to things like pop-up trundles that help provide extra sleeping space for guests.

For the furniture themselves, if you want to break from the mold and be more creative without spending heaps, you can always shop for used items online. Do keep in mind, of course, that you will have to be wary of preloved items. Going on the cheap route does not require you to settle for overused and abused items.

Thrift stores and discount furniture shops are gold mines of undiscovered furniture that can up your game in embellishing your living room. There is, of course, the more pricey high road to buying brand new furniture. That’s okay as well.

Keep Your Kitchen Safe and Functional

The kitchen is what many consider the most important part of the house. Some might even say it is the heart of the home.

Even with a smaller area like most condo spaces, there is no limit to the kind of furnishing and decorations you can place here. Since a lot of cooking takes place in the cooking, you’re all good as long as you keep the area functional and safe.

Having cabinets built to the wall, ceiling, or floor will not only be space-saving but will also be the optimal way to set it up. That would all, of course, depend on the available area size of your kitchen. Small appliances would be suitable here as well. If you have an old-school stove, you can opt for a modern one such as an electric stove. Keeping compact appliances like coffee machines and blenders would also be an ideal choice.

Innovate Your Dining Area

Unique types of dining furniture is a good choice for condo spaces that are a bit limited. A few examples of these are the ones that fold out of the way when you don’t need them.

The fun part is we now live in the modern world where furniture can fold away or even collapse into walls for storage. You may have seen those kinds of furniture among short clips on Facebook or compilation videos on YouTube. If you want to keep on-trend, this is your chance!

Make Your Bedroom Yours

If ever you still have space for a bedroom, you could use a sofa bed. Why? Because it can also double as a workout space or as an office if you happen to be working from home. The possibilities here are limitless. You can be as imaginative as possible.

With the available space, you can also have built-in cabinets here instead of buying a separate unit. Unless you happen to stumble upon a really good one down at furniture thrift stores. Vintage lamps and bed stands would work as awesome additions to the room, making it cozier to be in.


Recreate Your Walls

There is much more space available on the walls than it is on the floor. So having different kinds of decorations mounted on it would be a wise choice.

Here you may decide to mount small cabinet boxes, bookholders, display your prized Game of Throne novels, or even place a flat-screen TV. You can also mount lights and make them look like modern wall-mounted torch lights.

Lastly, the color. It will all depend on you. The use of color on the walls will significantly influence the overall vibe of your condo unit. Darker colors will make it warmer and cozier, while brighter colors make it feel lighter and more lively. It all depends on you and how you want to feel whenever you come home.

Don’t Be Afraid to Express Yourself

The choice will always be yours. Whatever type of style and vibe you decide on will be entirely up to you. This is just a guide to help you get the ball rolling. And it is always a good idea to color past the edges from time to time and let your imagination run free.