6 Ways to Grow your YouTube Channel

6 Ways to Grow your YouTube Channel

Video marketing has undoubtedly been growing immensely for the past few years. Youtube has turned out to be one of the most giant platforms to expand your business. With this comes a few more responsibilities like keeping your website and social media managed and updated. A lot of us fail to maintain these platforms and as a result, we stop seeing significant growth. Here are 6 ways to grow your Youtube channel:

Manage your Social Media:

Noticing a sudden termination in the growth in your youtube channel directs the requirement of advertisement. This can be solved by the constant and proper management of your social media accounts like Instagram. You can either spend hours of your day on this task, or you can hire professionals like a social media management company in Sydney for the same. Managing your social media means posting constantly and being available for your audience whenever they text you.

Post Cool Thumbnails:

Perfectly edited and cool thumbnails can put a great impact. Youtube advertises videos from unsubscribed channels via thumbnails. If you want your video to be something people want to watch and subscribe there on, you need to have a perfect first impression, ie thumbnail. Put the content you think will attract people, on the thumbnail. Put catchy titles and appealing pictures. Put bigger fonts, and unusual images in your thumbnail, one may also divert a little from his content and put a clickbait!

Stay Regular:

Irregularity and discontinuity are the reasons to pause in growth. Keep posting videos no matter how many people watch them. If you have likable content and are regular, you are definitely going to start gaining views and subs very rapidly. Consistency is the key! You don’t get thousands of subscribers with just a video a month.

Increase your Uploading Frequency:

With the consistency point being said, the next very crucial step would be the frequency of your posts. If you post 4 videos a month, increase and go to 6 per month. If the issue is with editing the videos, don’t stress upon it. We have a lot of friendly editing apps these days for our laptops as well as our phones.

Intro and Outro:

It is very beneficial and attractive to have a proper intro and outro to your videos. The time of your intro does not matter unless you have a great audience. Give your audience a proper gist of your channel in the intro and wish them a great day for the outro, make sure to give them something to smile, this puts a great impact. If you have a great audience, shoot your own permanent intro and outro with your pictures and your workplace (for example).

Ask Them to Subscribe:

Last but not the least, ask your audience to like, subscribe and share your channel or videos. This is something very common but very important. Ask them to subscribe to your channel for regular videos, ask them to pause in the middle of the video and like it. These things put a great impression as well as help your channel to grow.