5 Things to Consider Before Picking Cheap Web Host

There are thousands of web hosting companies available online to buy web hosting for your website. If you are in the tech field, it might be surprised you that more than 200 companies are working under EIG group. They are managing some of the wordpress hosting services to start a blog.

If you’re not a fan an EIG group, here are Non EIG Hosting providers to get reliable storage at the right price.

Choosing the right web host is critical for any successful online business. So, rather than selecting the cheap WordPress hosting, you should consider following things before going with any low-cost web host.

Ignoring these key points can cost you money as well as business losses.

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Picking Cheap Web Host

I divided this section 3 parts to help you under each and everything easily.

  1. Hosting Server Reliability

Server uptime is one of the most critical and important things you must take care of. You must double check if the host you want to buy web hosting from is providing 99.9% uptime guarantee. If it’s lower than that, don’t ever choose that company.

Otherwise, your website will face daily downtime which is not suitable for any site in particular for the online business like eCommerce sites. There are many hosts which you use to avail the require uptime such as SiteGround. It is low cost but delivers exceptional reliability and user experience.

  1. Speed or Performance

Is their hosting server fast enough to load your website within 3 seconds? Some companies offer a download link to check their servers speed that is great option for new buyers to judge any host. You can contact the live chat of the company for this help. Another best thing you can do is if their hosting is optimized or if they offer SSD based web hosting.

Because SSD web hosting delivers 2x fast user experience than the traditional drives. It loads you database fastly and process all other site content with more speed. And yes, SSD drives are more secure, sustainable and reliable in term of life.

  1. Support

When it comes to web hosting business, it is essential that the company should have a live chat or at least email support for getting help whenever you need. Live chat is better to get in touch with the customer support within minutes. The phone call is also good for asking for help in case of emergency.

An excellent but cheap WP hosting service should provide support via Live Chat, email, phone call or at least through support tickets. You can find some of the well know and trusted cheap web service for wordpress by following this article.

  1. Refund Policy

So, you are going to buy from a new host but don’t know if worth your money?

Every good hosting provider usually provides a 30-day money back guarantee. Few hosts even have 90 days refund policy, yes you read it right.

So, must check if the company legit and offering money back guarantee.

  1. Control Panel

cPanel is a standard software in hosting industry, and almost 90% companies use it to help their customer manage their web hosting accounts. Having cPanel is great from many aspects such as it is very handy, easy to use and comes with the simple layout.

You easily manage all of your websites, email address, FTP account and DNS records. It includes many other features to make things simple.

You can create a new email account or FTP account with few clicks and also can change their passwords within minutes without any external help.

The best part is you don’t need to pay any extra charges for this software as we pay in VPS or cloud hosting.

So, must check which software they use to manage hosting accounts, Is it cPanel or else?

Well, these are some of the key features you should check in any low cost or any web hosting service before buying.

We hope this quick guide will help you choose the best but in budget web hosting to run a smooth blog.