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5 Reasons You Need To Buy A 3D Printer For Your Home

At one point in time owning your own 3D printer wasn’t even a possibility. The technology used to be limited to large companies and industrial settings. The printers were large and extremely expensive so having one in your home just wasn’t an option for several reasons. In more recent years, however, this isn’t the case any longer.


Buying a 3D printer for your home has become more and more common. There are many ways you can use a 3D printer in your house that you may not have considered yet. Buying the right 3D printer for your home can do a lot more for your daily life than you might be imagining right now. 


Wondering what a 3D printer can do for you is something a lot of people have given a lot of consideration. If you’re a technology junkie looking for an excuse to buy a 3D printer or just genuinely curious about what you can do with a 3D printer in an every day setting you’re in the right place. Here are five reasons you need to buy a 3D printer.

1. It Can Save You Money

This is possibly a more obvious reason to buy a 3D printer for your home but it’s still something worth going over. You’ll be able to use the 3D printer to create things you’d normally have to buy at a store. This can be small things like a phone case or bigger things like bookshelves for your child’s room. There are a lot of things you’ll be able to print for your home.

3D printing filaments are more affordable than ever so the cost after you acquire the actual printer is pretty minimal. You’ll need to make sure the printer is well cared for but that doesn’t require much in the way of financial investment usually either. Since the cost to maintain and print items is so low you should be saving money using your printer pretty easily. 

If you aren’t familiar with design software you may have to purchase plans for some of the things you’d want to print. However, there are also thousands of designs available online for free so you shouldn’t have to consider the cost of plans into your overall printing costs very often at all. If you need a good reason to buy a 3D printer this one is a reason you can’t forget about.

2. You Can Use It To Make Money

This is another reason you should consider getting a 3D printer if you’ve been holding out for a while. You can use the printer to make money in a few different ways. Obviously, you’ll be able to print items and sell them which is the most common way people make money with their 3D printers. 

If you can create fun items like accessories or games (or even a fidget spinner) then you can sell them on sites like Etsy to make some money from home. Depending on your level of skill with design programs or what you’re able to find for free online you can make some unique things that appeal to a lot of potential buyers.

You can also start selling your 3D printing services to other people. The ability to 3D print an item is something a lot of people want to be able to do. If you have a printer you can help people accomplish that goal by selling your printing services to them. They can pay you for your time, the use of your printer, and the supplies involved. There are even websites you can use to advertise your services and help others find you more easily.

3. Your Kids Can Learn From It

You can use your 3D printer to teach your kids all kinds of things and even have some special family bonding time together. Depending on the age of your children you’ll be able to use the 3D printer to teach them different things. If your kids are learning about something in school and you want to help them out you can print a 3D model of almost anything. 


Think about things like showing your child what a human heart looks like by letting them print and hold a model for themselves. They can also use the printer to create things for a school project that will impress the teacher and their classmates. It’s a fun way to incorporate learning and technology.


If your children are older you can use the 3D printer to teach them about programming and design. They can learn to write their own design plans for whatever they want to print. This is a skill that will be increasingly useful as 3D printing technology becomes more and more ubiquitous. 

4. You Can Print Awesome Gifts

Think about the next time you have to give someone a gift. If you aren’t sure what you’re going to get them maybe a 3D printer can solve that problem for you. You can use the printer to make a very unique or even customized present depending on that person’s specific tastes.


There are 3D printer designs online for fandoms of all sorts. If they’re a Harry Potter fan you can find 3D printed wands for them. If they’re a sports fan you’re going to be able to print them something that represents their favorite team. The possibilities are endless. This is also another way to save money since custom presents from a store can get quite spendy otherwise.

5. It’s Just Plain Fun

There are a lot of useful things you can do with your 3D printer but it’s okay to just enjoy it as a fun toy sometimes too. You’ll be able to use the printer to create almost anything you can dream up. There are designs you can find online for toys, games, and puzzles alike.

If you want to learn more about how to create your own designs there are tutorials on design software all over online as well. The fun you can have with your 3D printer is only limited by your imagination right now. There are so many ways to use it to have a little fun that you might have to remind yourself to make sure you’re still being productive sometimes too.


Owning your own 3D printer isn’t something you should dismiss as impossible anymore. There are so many things you can do with a 3D printer in your home that you’re sure to find several useful ways to use it (in addition to having some fun.) If you haven’t looked at having a 3D printer in your home yet, now is the time. You’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come so make sure you get in on this trend now and see where it goes in a few years.