5 Reasons Personal Branding Can Help Improve Your Career

What is personal branding? Personal branding is when you take a very active role in branding yourself and your career. Personal branding is popular for entrepreneurs, executives or a career-focused person. In this digital age, the first thing we do after meeting a person is looking them up online. Many successful modern business owners and professionals will attest that online presence is the most valuable asset for any great entity, especially in this age and time.

It is this asset that we are referring to as a ‘personal brand’. It is essentially who you are, what you do and what you say, as reflected by your online presence. So, the way your brand is portrayed, via the professionalism of your content-videos,photos, word posts, graphics, etc, is what determines how the general public from potential employers and customers will perceive you and your brand.

Building a strong personal brand will make you to stand out from the rest in

the industry and show potential employers and consumers of your brand what you are all about. Additionally it will provide trust in your brand and allow

others to take you seriously. So, if you are still new to the concept of personal branding and how it can help improve your career, here are 5 reasons you should be active and involved in personal branding.

  1. It Opens Doors For New Job Opportunities

Building a strong personal brand will make you more visible to many potential employers. Whether you are job hunting or already have a job, self branding will open more opportunities because it helps give your resume more personality when you differentiate yourself from competitors in your job market.

Personal branding also helps you build wider professional networks and contacts. A great channel for building your personal and career network is on LinkedIn. I do this by strategically connecting with my target audience, being active and providing value to them.

  1. It Will Build Your Credibility

You will have more credibility in your niche if you increase your personal brand online. Building your personal brand is a great way to show your potential clients and employers that you can actually do what you say you can.

Develop elusive credibility and trust from these professional circles, take your time online to build testimonials and good reviews, while writing blogs and linking to case studies that expose your expertise.

  1. It Helps You Build an Audience

When you have a strong following on social platforms that is made of people who trust what you have to offer can pay dividends in the long run. In fact, the trust that this audience has in you will make them to eagerly wait for your next article, video, or content. When you have an audience, you command attention.

  1. You Will Establish Career Goals

When you build your personal brand, you develop your specialty as well and start figuring out about where you are right then, and where you plan to reach in the future. This means that you will start establishing short and long-term career goals while at the same time becoming an expert in your field. For me I am a digital marketing consultant you can find about my digital marketing pricing here. I have aligned my personal brand to reflect my career goals. All the content I produce is developed with the attention to appeal to my


  1. It Boosts Confidence

Boosting self-confidence is another benefit that individuals can derive from developing their personal brands. It exudes from their strengths and positive attributes, which when blended together, can lead to high quality career productivity and achievements.

In Conclusion

Personal branding comes with many benefits, whether you are an entry level employee, unemployed graduate or even a seasoned executive. Everyone should invest valuable time to build their personal brand. If you enjoyed this article, here’s another article on Forbes that covers more on personal branding.


Certified Google Partner Lorenzo Gutierrez MBA works in the Bay Area digital consulting for startups and corporate businesses. His online marketing agency San Francisco focuses on inbound marketing strategies and custom PPC campaigns. Connect with Lorenzo on his Linkedin.