3 Small But Game-Changing Instagram Updates That Shook The Social Media World

Picture-sharing is a feature that can be seen in any given social media platform nowadays, and for a site or app like Instagram, this can be a big problem. Since the feature can now be seen anywhere, Instagram’s unique selling point that propelled it to the top may slowly dwindle to non-existence. However, proving itself as a legend of the social media scene, Instagram has adapted to the changing times by continuously expanding and releasing new updates such as the feature to like Instagram comments.

Here are 5 of the most game-changing Instagram updates that caught the eyes of everyone and showed its domination in the social media world.

Multiple Photos


During its first few years, the sole purpose of Instagram was to be a Facebook of pictures. However as time passed, images grew synonymously with moments and single pictures just weren’t enough to share experiences. Third-party apps with collage features then emerged for the people to use but it was never enough. Finally, Instagram responded to the clamor of the people and finally released multiple photos where users can upload more than one picture in a single post.

Zoom Feature


Although not as controversial or not as major as the others, the zoom feature is part of the list because the update was a testament to Instagram’s devotion to its users. At least once in their lives, people have tried to zoom in on pictures while viewing them on Instagram but were dumbfounded by it. However, in its quest for perfection, Instagram added the feature and recognized the fact that although the update is small, it is still a piece to complete the puzzle.

Instagram Offline

As of the moment, this update can still be considered as a small one since it has only been rolled out for selected devices. Basically, this feature allows the user to edit a photo and put it on queue while offline. Once the device goes online, the photo shall now upload.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be considered as the first three social media platform superpowers that the millennial society has seen. Thanks to their unique selling points, these three sites turned apps, took the world by storm and probably started the social media revolution that is evident today. As time progresses, so does Instagram and it is what it is today simply because it is committed to the people’s needs and wants more than anything else.