3 Simple Ways You Can Automate Your Sales and Distribution Chain in Telecom

3 Simple Ways You Can Automate Your Sales and Distribution Chain in Telecom

Option 1:
The process will start by identifying the weakest link in your S&D, which could be a component creating the most pain or a platform that will allow you to most efficiently introduce new products. Once identified, you can swap it with one of the plug-and-play modules developed by Estel. This platform has been so efficient for telecoms because it allows users to onboard selected dealers who have the highest risk tolerance before moving into a gradual process of onboarding more dealers and products into the new system.

One of the drawbacks to this approach is how much time it can take in comparison to other strategies. However, changing gradually gets acceptance from partners and agents, and causes less disruption on infrastructure than an abrupt change.

All the channels, including the front-end and back-end faces of your business, can be consolidated to make your distribution chain more efficient. 

Option 2: Frontend preference – Consolidate the front end solution first and then slowly migrate the back-end solutions

This approach would be better if you were interested in implementing a streamlined automated sales and distribution chain, but weren’t too keen on making an abrupt change. This approach is more incremental and systematic with increased involvement and retraining of retail agents. The front-end interface or front-end system will allow resellers to see all the products and services in one place. The back-ends can gradually be integrated so that it’s all done in the same space. By using this method not

The unified sale and distribution strategy, or the Big Bang strategy, improves go-to-market speed. Each step takes an average of 350% less time using automated telesales engagements with intelligent pre-call scripts, multiple channels imagery blending for the best coverage, compliance with real-time data-matching systems to shorten sales cycles by up to 240%.

Option 3
Changing legacy systems isn’t easy for many companies, but you can mitigate the transition with the following three methods:

Backed by AI, modules for creating scalable platforms to meet your needs are created. This includes the creation of a unified platform, also known as the Big Bang process, that can take complete care of everything needed for distribution which is fast and final.

The major drawback in automation is your available time to adjust things. With the Estel platform, you can set everything up and have it ready to go before switching from the old custom system to the new automated one.

Speaking to an expert in business networks is necessary when deciding on the best strategy. Contact Estel Telecom for your consultation.