10 Innovative Chatbot Examples In 2019

There are an increasing number of businesses using online chatbots nowadays. It is considered as one of the most influential and innovative digital marketing technology trends this year. These AI (artificial intelligence) driven Facebook messaging tools add a huge impact on how businesses interact with their consumers in about every industry.

According to a report from Tractica, it is expected that chatbots and digital marketing virtual assistant is to reach more than $7.7 billion by 2025, with an active users of 1 billion.

Digital communication is one of the factors making up eCommerce and chatbot has proven to increase engagement with a general outreach CTR (click-through rate) of about 15% – 60%, according to Chatbots Magazine.

Facebook Messenger automation has evolved and changed for numerous brands using chatbots and the goal remains the same, to give customers fast, convenient, and creative service. Having a chatbot gives you a direct line of communication to your customers, creating meaningful conversations, coming up with a solution to their concerns, and eventually generates more leads.

Let’s take a look at these 10 innovative chatbot examples for this year which you can learn from and can serve as an inspiration for your chatbot project:

  • Hipmunk

Himpunk is a platform which allows its customers to search for travel deals such as booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and travel packages. With the help of its “Hello chatbots” on Facebook Messenger, customers can receive great recommendations and even gives you the cheapest flight from one place to another.

It can use its customers’ location to determine where they are traveling from and sends them excellent travel deals from where they are. This is perfect for those busy individuals who are looking to book flights and help them plan for their next vacation.

  • The Wall Street Journal

Talk about excellent user experience, The Wall Street Journal’s chatbot gives its followers the latest news and even specific news about a company that they would be interested in.

They will receive the most relevant and interesting news stories on their Facebook Messenger — its chatbot is like a virtual assistant because they won’t have to browse through the internet to know what’s happening across the globe. Its chatbot adapts to our now innovative world by enabling its followers to receive the most important daily information directly from their newsroom.

  • SnapTravel

Here’s another chatbot in the tourism industry — SnapTravel can help find its followers the best options for booking a hotel and suggest a place for them to stay based on several orders. Looking for free wifi and breakfast, no worries! SnapTravel chatbot is the answer.

SnapTravel collaborates with large hotel companies and individual hotels, giving its followers a wide range of options. All they need to provide is the city and dates of accommodation — payments can also be carried out by its chatbot and followers can even save up to 50% on hotel deals!

  • National Geographic

National Geographic’s chatbot is like a virtual tutor, giving its followers the best insights about the world through their trivia game. By asking three questions, the chatbot will check the follower’s knowledge and if given the poorest answers, it’ll explain and give the correct answer — making it more interactive and interesting for their followers.

  • LEGO

LEGO’s chatbot can provide its customers with personalized gift recommendations. Who doesn’t love a LEGO? Every kid loves one, but the problem is choosing which set to get, especially if it’s for a gift and the customers don’t know the kid well — this is where LEGO’s chatbot comes in, it’ll ask them a few questions such as price range, kid’s interests, and age, then it’ll come up with a personalized gift suggestions and if the customers like it, they can immediately purchase the product. According to a report from Sumo, LEGO’s chatbot helps increase their return 6x and reduced their cost per conversion by 31%.

  • Sephora

Sephora’s use of their chatbot serves as a customer service and virtual assistant. It can help their customers secure an appointment, book a makeover, and reach sales bot to their service in real-time. Its chatbot can even let you try on various makeup looks using filters. Sephora aims to encourage more people to go to their physical store and has seen an increase of 11% in their booking rates, according to VentureBeat.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot is a developer of CRM and email marketing for small to medium businesses with a huge array of audience. Its chatbot simplifies everything to help businesses get access to free tools that are related to digital marketing. The chatbot’s accuracy is on point — when a follower asked to be given free tools about generating more traffic, it’ll give the link to HubSpot’s marketing tools.

  • The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have really thought well of their fans by creating a chatbot that gives game updates such as scores, ticket offers, great videos, and so much more! Every start of the game, a huge QR code is set where viewers can scan it to immediately start a conversation with its chatbot.

  • TechCrunch

Getting the latest news across the world can become a daunting task, especially when a customer or reader only wants news on specific information. TechCrunch found a solution to this through its chatbot that delivers personalized news.

It asks a question about your preference and it can even show you the latest headlines that you can open on a browser or share on your Facebook profile.

  • Fandango

Fandango is for the movie lovers who like to see trailers about upcoming movies they are interested in. The chatbot can also help its followers find a local showing for the movies they like, saving them a huge amount of time browsing to different sites on a web browser — its chatbot is also very useful for making last-minute plans.

Facebook Messenger chatbot platforms are changing the face of online communication, helping your business improve every part of your digital marketing — from answering initial questions about sales to customer service. Constant innovation and evolution are crucial to become successful, and utilizing chatbots nowadays are easy with the help of MobileMonkey.